Now that I’m done Orange is the New Black Season 3…

6 07 2015

Maybe I can finally get to finishing The Bone Clocks before it’s due back at the library on Wednesday. And finish writing my memoir by the end of the month. Or just get on with life in general.

Damn you, good TV.

Smoky Vancouver

5 07 2015

Yet another thing for Vancouverites to complain about.

Cat expectations vs. reality

4 07 2015


Why writers are suicidal

2 07 2015

I think it’s because we think, simply put. We examine the world. We observe humans. We ponder the “whys” of things. And a lot of it is depressing. There are always wars. People are selfish bastards. We take things personally and then ruminate on them later.

We are sad because the world is a sad place to live in. We just think about it a lot more than most.

To go or not to go?

1 07 2015

A literary magazine I’ve recently been published in is holding a launch party in about two weeks and invited me to come and read! The only thing is that they’re in Calgary, which isn’t super far from Vancouver but airfare is about $300 round trip, which is more expensive than I thought. Plus the late notice and having to find somewhere to stay… but on the other hand, it’d probably be a fun experience, and I’d be able to charm everyone with my traumatic sex story, so there’s that. If I’m going to go, I should book my tickets soon.


Nothing I can say

30 06 2015

that would make it right or okay, so this will have to do. All I can say is that I was really looking to watching Veep with you tomorrow.


29 06 2015

A first draft. I feel like it’s complete shit but it’s shit I can still work with. Hooray for working with shit!


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