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29 08 2015

Blah blah blah my butt hurts again blah blah blah

Anne of Green Gables

28 08 2015

Is it just me, or did anyone else think this book was going to be much shorter? Anyway, it was fun, for the most part. I couldn’t help but think my sister wouldn’t like this book since Anne is a bit too dumb as a kid, always making mistakes.

And with that, I’ve now read 41 books out of the 100 (mostly British) books that the average person has read 6 of!

Oh, and moustache.


So instead of writing…

26 08 2015

I watched another episode of Inside Amy Schumer and am going to bed early, in the hope that I will wake up earlier tomorrow morning and work on this godawful personal essay I wrote back in university. Wish me luck!

Aug. 25, 2015

25 08 2015

I want to start writing a journal but the thought of physically writing it is seems so lugubrious that I thought I might try to type it out on my blog. If things get too personal, I may have to resort to writing in my real journal. So now we start…

Worked this morning at 9am. Got to work a minute or two late, but no one came to open the door after knocking several times. Finally went around to the side of the building to see if anyone was in and saw a co-worker talking with someone sitting down at a desk. Felt disrespected, like they were ignoring me on purpose (for all I know, they could’ve been). Knocked louder and someone finally came.

Everything was fine as usual for a while. Two kids came in and had very loud indoor voices. The grandma for one of them was there and was constantly telling them to be quiet and not talk so loudly but they completely ignored her. I went over and told them to keep it down. Which of course they didn’t. But the thing is, they were completely oblivious to the fact that their conversational voices were too loud. No self-awareness. And even when patrons shushed them, they still continued. I’m not sure they even know how to be quiet.

One lady came up to me and told me they were “not reading” and were “just playing around”. I told her I had talked to them already but that they don’t have to be reading to be in the library, and that since the library is a public place — and that we have games that kids can play — they are allowed to be in here. I went over again to tell them to keep it down, and when they saw me, one of them looked at me and said, “Be quiet. I know.” It still continued.

When my hour on desk was up, I told my co-worker about the kids, who had now moved over to the adult/general area and were bothering adults on the computer stations. She told me the library doesn’t have a real policy for noisy kids, but that we tell them to keep it down ourselves and if they’re still noisy and/or a patron complains, we get the librarian to come and shush them. I told her someone complained to me earlier when the kids were in the kids’ area and she told me to get the librarian, since he knows the kids (who are regulars). I watched him tell the kids to shut up (nicely).

Was planning on catching Phoenix at the Rio theatre tonight at 7pm. Wanted to use my Groupon but needed someone to go with me. Everyone seemed to be busy (Jacky: kickboxing; Curtis: saying goodbye to a friend; Jord: multiple excuses that came off as trying to find some sort of excuse to say no while also conveniently mentioning his boyfriend), out of town (John), unresponsive (Jay, Melissa, Miles), or just straight up didn’t want to go (Philip: apparently not in the mood for a German film, whatever that means). This is why I don’t like doing things with people. You can’t rely on them. The only person I can rely on is my cat. I was really disappointed.

I finished dinner late-ish so I would’ve been late getting in to the theatre anyway. Felt so bummed I wanted to stay home like a hermit for the week but I signed up to work a whole bunch so I can’t. Watched more episodes of Inside Amy Schumer and made popcorn and devoured it like I was actually watching a movie. Who needs friends when you can sit at home for hours in front of your computer and then blog about it?

Sick Day = TV Day

22 08 2015

The one good thing about being sick is that I quarantine myself at home and watch endless episodes of TV. In this case, it was Inside Amy Schumer (which is better than her stand-up, I think), and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey which I don’t know how I haven’t watched yet.

Oh, and doing some writing but it’s not nearly as fun as Amy Schumer.

Dear Philip

21 08 2015

If you read this somehow, just know that you are a cool guy and deserve more than being the other man to some married dude. You’re better than that.

Being Invisible

20 08 2015

This is how I feel like most of the time, especially around other gay guys. Minus the bag of leaves.

Comedy Central’s videos are annoying and can’t seem to be embedded and I’m sick and too tired to look into how to properly do it. So just click on the link and watch it.


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