Damn my back

1 08 2015

It makes me want to go soak myself in a hot tub, but there aren’t any open this late except… bathhouses. Ugh. Damn you, back pain.

On the outside

31 07 2015

I’ve always considered myself to be part of the gay community. I read Xtra! and followed the news. I joined local organizations and volunteered. I walked up and down Davie Street, among my people.

But for many years now, I’ve constantly felt invisible, ignored, and degraded by the same community. As sad and hurt as I was, I still read Xtra! hoping for the day there’d be an article about sexual racism. I vainly wished to be acknowledged as an important part of the community.

It never really happened. (and the sexual racism article definitely never happened)

Yet, I still had hope that they’d take notice to all this.

Tonight, at the Davie Street Block Party, I realized something. As I looked at all the different faces and people in their own little groups and cliques, I couldn’t help but feel it was futile trying to include myself in a community that seemed like they didn’t want me. It’s like being the kid at school who constantly tries to hang out with another group of kids and says something like, “Hey, guys! What’re we playing today?” The other kids stare, then all hang out together. But the other kid doesn’t get the hint.

Maybe all these years, I’ve been missing the hint, that I’m not welcome. Maybe it’s better I not tell myself I’m a part of this community, that I’m just some gay guy living in Vancouver.

Come watch me read tomorrow night!

29 07 2015

If you just so happen to not have any plans between 7-9pm tomorrow, then it also just so happens that I, along with some other fabulous writers, will be reading my piece about sexual racism that appeared in Ricepaper magazine’s Spring issue for their launch party! (Phew, that was a long sentence. Perhaps too long…) There will also be trivia and prizes and “special artisan bubble tea.” I don’t know about you, but I’m really curious how good this bubble tea is. I’d come for the tea, not me.

Where: Centre A — 229 East Georgia Street
When: 7-9pm
Why: For bubble tea To support Asian-Canadian writing. While drinking bubble tea.

I’ll see your drunk faces there tomorrow!


Adventure Tuesday

28 07 2015

In the name of the Vancouver Public Library’s Summer of Learning program, here’s me trying new donuts at Cartem’s Donuterie, going to Spyglass Dock, a place I’ve never been before in Vancouver, and then playing some piano in public (though I don’t have a pic of me playing since my hands were busy… you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or watch me play next time):

Margaret Cho’s mom

27 07 2015

I laughed until my sides hurt, which rarely happens.

Here is a post

26 07 2015

And now I will go to sleep.

Rejection dream

25 07 2015

Had a dream the other night where I received a letter from a publishing house I had sent my book proposal to a couple months ago. The letter was terribly scrawled; it looked like some third-grader had written it. I tried my best to decipher what it said, and the gist of it was that they had passed, saying my proposal/book was “exaggerated.”

This past week I’ve been anxious about receiving anything from from the actual publishing company I sent my proposal to. I check the mailbox every day, dreading to see the self-addressed stamped envelope I included in my proposal, while also being paranoid that the longer it takes, the more the answer is no. I also wonder whether or not they even received my proposal and am further paranoid they never did. Basically a lot of anxiety and paranoia. Between games of Age of Empires.


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