Library Architecture and Design

7 10 2015

Some of these grand libraries around the world make Vancouver’s seem like piles of dirt. Just sayin’.


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

30 09 2015

Not gonna lie. This book wasn’t as brilliant as I thought it would be. Oh well. The ending was sweet though. And if this ever gets made into a movie, I imagine that the lead guys will be super cute.


I love music

27 09 2015

And I love Pitch Perfect.


23 09 2015

I have these hives on my arm and they won`t go away. Just thought you should all know that in case I become Hives Man.

Distractions galore

22 09 2015

First I was listening to Classical music. Then it stopped and I wanted to listen to something a little different so I randomly started listening to the Edge of Tomorrow soundtrack. But it wasn’t that great and I thought, Definitely not Hans Zimmer. Then I started listening to Interstellar (again) and it was great. Then I started getting bored so I found a Hans Zimmer collection and started listening to that. But some of it wasn’t that interesting. And then I thought, Hey, that waves scene in Interstellar was pretty cool so I watched it again. And then I thought, Hey, that docking scene was pretty cool too and I watched that too. And of course I read all the comments because you have to when you watch a video. Then I watched the Ending scene because it was in the related videos.

And now it’s time for bed. So productive!

A Christmas Carol

20 09 2015

Once again, I’m amazed at Dickens’s writing. Also, I had no idea this book was so short.


I can do it.

20 09 2015

I’ll finish my book and I will get it published. It is that simple. I can do it.

It will happen.


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