Made someone cry today

21 07 2016

But in a good way!

I read a short, sad monologue to nine people today and one of them cried. He apologized, and when I told him it was okay because I wanted people to cry, he responded, “Bitch!” He was great.

Mission accomplished.

Way to Go

20 07 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve read an eBook because I prefer reading print. I also don’t remember signing them out to be so difficult– I couldn’t download the epub file do I tried to download it as a PDF but it wouldn’t let me change the download format so the only option was reading it in Chrome, which wasn’t bad once figured out how to save the book so that I could read it offline since if you’re reading it a browser you must be connected to the Internet. Ugh.

Anyway. So the book itself was alright. I like that it was set in Cape Breton, which I was semi-close to while in Nova Scotia last month. I also kinda liked that the conflict wasn’t about a love interest but rather the protagonist’s internal struggle to come to terms with his sexuality. A quick, decent read.

I can’t help but despise my hair in all these pictures.


Bone #1: Out from Boneville

19 07 2016

About a month ago, I did some research into graphic novels that everyone should read, and this one was in the list. I’d seen various copies at the library but wasn’t sure what it was about. They seemed to be fairly popular though; even a friend of mine was reading the series (most of my friends don’t usually read). Although I’m sure the series will get better and more interesting, this first one was only OK for me. Not a ton happened but a few things were set up for what I’m assuming will be paid off later. I did like the scary-looking rat creatures that were also completely inept. That was funny and a nice subversion.

I tried posing like Fone Bone with his tongue sticking out like on the cover but I just looked dumb. But me in my underwear– not dumb at all. No siree.


Riddle of the Sands

18 07 2016

This was a lot more fun and not as erotic as I thought. I also had no idea this was the second book in a series which explains why there was so little setup introducing the (too many) characters and what they do. But that doesn’t matter when there are more twists and turns in the plot that both Hunger Games: Mockingjay movies combined (though that’s not saying that much).

Placed an interlibrary loan for the first book because I’m intrigued by this series now. Whaddya know? There is such a thing as decent gay fiction after all.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

17 07 2016

Finally. It feels like the HP series is getting good once it steps away from all the kiddy stuff and treads into darker territory. Also the movie is the best one out of the first three I’ve seen so far.


Cuddle desperate

9 07 2016

Not a good day. And then I was watching some stand-up on YouTube and a comedian was talking about how she has depression and some days, she’ll just get really sad for no reason. And I thought, well, maybe that’s what I have today. I’m just sad for no reason. But it’s okay. And I don’t have to be desperate for affection. I mean, that’s not to say that craving cuddles is the worst way to deal with depression — there are much worse, unhealthier ways for sure.

Thirsty, is the word that comes to mind. I only recently learned the slang definition of it. I think it’s lame.

What to say to people when you have no compliments

4 07 2016

An older Chinese lady came up to the desk and was speaking to my colleague. She helped this lady with whatever it was she needed help with. The lady said, enunciating every word, “You have a bright smile” with a Chinese accent. My colleague laughed and thanked her. The lady repeated the phrase again: “You have a bright smile” before explaining that it’s a nice thing to say to people.

My colleague left the desk and I took over. The lady continued, “But you don’t tell men they have a bright smile.”

I laughed. “Well, that’s not fair.”

“You tell them, ‘You are great!'” she replied.

And since my family seems to think I’m the world’s biggest douche, even more so than Donald Trump, for joking that I didn’t like my cousins shirt (yes, really), next time, I’ll just say, unenthusiastically, “You. Are. Great.”


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