Futile teaching

2 05 2015

Tried to teach my mom to pronounce some basic Spanish words and phrases by starting with the vowels and how to actually pronounce letters so that she’d be able to pronounce any and every word. And of course it failed because she has difficulty even saying words and letters in English. So inevitably she ended up writing her own pin yin on top of the Spanish, some of which was so cringeworthy and shameful to the language I had studied for years. Whatever works, I guess.

Hold Me Closer

1 05 2015

My hair looks really weird after I’ve flipped the picture horizontally. Also, fuck, I’m skinny. Guess that Elimination Diet’s really eliminating my body.

Anyway, David Levithan can do no wrong in my books, so of course I enjoyed Hold Me Closer immensely. Leave it to David to think up new genres such as the musical novel. This is the young adult kind of books I’d love to write one day.

May I just say again, goddamn, I’m just a science lab skeleton with a tiny bit of tissue. Can someone help me build some muscles?


What Will Fat Cat Sit On?

30 04 2015

Tried to get my cat to sit on something funny but she’s not usually the type to do that. Unless it’s a bag. Or in a box (like most cats). Or on my bed.

So the answer to the question: Fat Cat will sit on the floor. How boring. The End.


Yes Please

29 04 2015

This was a joyful, humourous piece. I also appreciate the metaphor of writing as attacking a fridge with a screwdriver because it is very much like that. Yes, this book is long and surprisingly heavy — the pages are printed on heavier paper it seems — but as an Amy Poehler fan, I didn’t mind.

Also, yes, my hair.


Shot and nearly dead

26 04 2015

Last night, I was on my way up and down (by stairs) this office building when I realized I forgot my shoes. So I had to go back to get them. I took the elevator. It stopped on a floor but no one got on. As the doors were closing, a man with glasses was jogging for the elevator but I just stood and watched as the doors closed. He squeezed his arm inside, just as the doors were about to closed. In his hand was a gun.

The doors opened and he came inside and aimed at me. I felt a sinking feeling, and I knew I was going to die. As he shot me twice, I ran at him. I felt the bullets hit my side, but tried to ignore the pain as I wrestled the gun from him. Now that I had the gun, I didn’t know what to do. I wondered if I should kill him before he killed me, and ended up shooting him in the cheek.

I think it was only then that I called out for help and some people in the nearby offices rushed over. With my last breaths, I told the woman attending to me who was pressing down on my wound to tell Kemuel Wong that I loved him. She told me not to speak and that I would make it, but I told her to tell him anyway.

I ended up surviving and some other stuff happened, but when I woke up, it struck me how I did what I’ve always thought I would do with my dying breath. I wanted to cry.

Phone Woes, Part II

25 04 2015

It’s times like these that I wonder if I really need a cellphone after all. (The answer is no, but my job makes it so that it’s yes)

Mobile plan hunting

24 04 2015

It sucks. Phones are so expensive — also I’m cheap — and if I didn’t have to be constantly connected to my email in order to get work, I’d probably just have a cheap talk and text phone. I don’t understand how people pay $80 or $90 — or more! — a month on their phone bill. To me, that’s insane. If I could only use my landline, I totally would (and I have, much to my mother’s frustration at not being able to bother me to ask for my whereabouts).

I should just get a telegraph.


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