Damn, I love this movie

10 05 2015


14 06 2014

This is what resignation of fate sounds like.


Her soundtrack

26 02 2014

It’s so good! Although listening to it while writing sad things = being sad and holding in tears. You have been warned.

What happens when you listen to Joe Hisaishi

19 11 2013

Instead of writing your play, you want another Studio Ghibli marathon at the Pacific Cinematheque like the did last year  (and earlier this year).

Also, you realize just how extraordinary and amazing this man is.

Take me far away…

14 07 2013

and I’ll never look back…

Ólafur Arnalds

6 04 2013

Got introduced to this guy today, and he’s pretty cool. There’s one piece on his album here that is really sad, but I don’t remember which one it was, so I’ll have to listen for that again.  Anyhoo, check it out!

This is today.

25 03 2013

“Nero” — Two Steps from Hell

7 02 2013

(Correct me if I’m wrong!) This track is called “Nero”, composed by Thomas  Bergersen, also known as Two Steps from Hell.  I found this yesterday on youtube, linked to the trailer for Anna Karenina and I couldn’t stop listening to it.  With any musical piece, I hear enough of it after a few listens, but for this one, I just kept pressing replay, which never happens!  I think it’s because the piece is so varied throughout, in terms of melodies and dynamics, that I get used to it a lot slower than I would with a regular song or piece of music.

Here it is, the piece that I might just never tire of hearing (at least for now):

Repose in Blue — Eluvium

26 01 2013

Music for moods.

Castle in the Sky medley

10 12 2012

Can’t get this out of my head, especially after watching Castle in the Sky on Friday.  This is medley of the different themes played throughout the film.  I’ve already learned to play two of them on the piano.

Joe Hisaishi: if it was possible to love you more, it has happened.  Enjoy!