More resolutions!

3 01 2017

8. Get twice as many followers on Twitter (currently, I have 27, so 54.)*

8a. Tweet as least once a day.

9. Get twice as many followers on Instagram (currently, I have 10, so 20).*

9a. Post at least one photo/video a day.

10. Go to bed before 11pm at the latest.

11. Stop procrastinating when it comes to replying to messages and emails because I always end up forgetting.

*Probably the most difficult goals since I suck at this social media shit. Help!

I like sleepy drugs

19 06 2015

They make me feel better when people have annoyed me all day today.

Put me to sleep

27 03 2015

I should just watch Last Year at Marienbad if I can’t fall asleep. That thing got me drowsy so quickly!

C’mon, Benadryl. Make me sleep.

13 03 2015

What’s taking so long?! Just take away my hives and make me pass out. Please and thanks!  🙂


Itchy Aaron

Just post something so I can sleep already.

4 03 2015

Now go to sleep.

Forcing my body to be tired

11 02 2015

Reading before bed + early morning wake up = ability to fall asleep?

Afternoon sleep

18 09 2014

Seems like I can fall asleep in the afternoon after lunch a lot more easily and naturally than I can at night. I wonder why that is. It’s also quite annoying at night.

I’m feeling a lot of things right now that I don’t know how to express

27 01 2014

I think I’ll just lie down and roll my eyes up to my brain for a few hours.

Sleeping for 10 hours

24 11 2013

It doesn’t seem quite right to be sleeping for so long. Yet when I woke up this morning after getting 10 hours of sleep, I felt greeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttt!

Compared to how I’m going to be feeling when I wake up in 7 hours at 6:40am. Oh god. Last Monday last Monday last Monday…

Sleep vs. writing

20 11 2013

I wish I could choose sleep. Normally I would. But deadlines make me choose writing. So now I will be dead tomorrow. Yay.