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15 11 2019

My book, This City Is a Minefield, is now available on Chapters/Indigo! At the moment, it isn’t available in stores yet, however. If you live in Vancouver and want to support local bookstores, you can also order a copy in at The Paper Hound. In fact, inspired by this tweet, I’ve been encouraging people everywhere to go to their local bookstore and get them to order a copy in for you. Oftentimes, the price will be cheaper than buying on Amazon. Plus, it gets the attention of the booksellers, who may recommending the book to customers and potentially carrying a few copies in store (which equals more visibility). A couple of my favourite independent bookstores to order from in Vancouver are Pulp Fiction and Book Warehouse.

Lastly, if you’d like to support me/my book but currently don’t have the funds to do so, I suggest getting your local public library to buy a copy or two so you can read it for free (most libraries have a Suggest a Purchase page on their website). If you live in Metro Vancouver, my book is order at VPL and you can place a hold on it here. I know authors don’t really publicize or encourage getting their books from the library, but as a library worker, I know how valuable these spaces can be to low-income/young people. When I was young, I frequently searched the library catalogue for gay-themed YA novels (buying books never occurred to me), so to have my book available for young queer people and knowing it might help them means the world to me.

Minefield - e-book cover



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