“I don’t care about Star Wars and I never fucking did!”

21 12 2015

This is why I love Amy Poehler. Thank you.

I love music

27 09 2015

And I love Pitch Perfect.

Shaun the Sheep Movie

14 09 2015

What silly, gleeful fun this movie is. Possibly my favourite animated film this year. Highly recommend this one if you’re in the mood for a comedy (yes, even for adults. Especially for adults!)

Also, this song is pretty dope. And I don’t even use that word.

Watch my short film!

13 09 2015

And please leave a comment on YouTube. I’m sad it’s not getting more views. 😦

Being Invisible

20 08 2015

This is how I feel like most of the time, especially around other gay guys. Minus the bag of leaves.


Comedy Central’s videos are annoying and can’t seem to be embedded and I’m sick and too tired to look into how to properly do it. So just click on the link and watch it.

Cat plays with windshield wipers

17 08 2015

Well, more accurate would be tries to play with windshield wipers.

Amy Schumer binge

5 08 2015

Spent today watching a whole bunch of Inside Amy Schumer clips on YouTube. I think I like her show more than I like her stand-up. She seems like she’s trying too hard to get her audiences’ approval. But her show seems genuinely funny, especially when she delves into satire.

This one is too realistic.

Margaret Cho’s mom

27 07 2015

I laughed until my sides hurt, which rarely happens.

James Smith stand up

19 07 2015

Really funny. I like the “sex is like a murder” bit.

Scooby dooby doo

16 07 2015

My childhood in a song.