Signed books giveaway

6 08 2020

I don’t know if anyone looks at this blog anymore, but I’m doing an Instagram giveaway of some my memoir collection This City Is a Minefield, my poetry chapbook Romantic Hopeless, and a funky bookmark. There are a few more days to enter (until Monday August 10th). Just like this post, tag a couple friends, and follow me on Instagram. Good luck!

Instagram giveaway

I’m on Goodreads!

20 05 2017

Follow/add me on Goodreads! I feel like a real author now! 🙂


6 01 2017

Beep bleep bobbity boop grr arrrgh attack attack attack!

More resolutions!

3 01 2017

8. Get twice as many followers on Twitter (currently, I have 27, so 54.)*

8a. Tweet as least once a day.

9. Get twice as many followers on Instagram (currently, I have 10, so 20).*

9a. Post at least one photo/video a day.

10. Go to bed before 11pm at the latest.

11. Stop procrastinating when it comes to replying to messages and emails because I always end up forgetting.

*Probably the most difficult goals since I suck at this social media shit. Help!


1 01 2017
  1. Exercise (of course). Find something I like and do it somewhat consistently.
  2. Start and finish writing that YA novel.
  3. Work on shorter pieces and send more stuff out –> Get at least one freaking piece published this year!
  4. Write a little every day. Maybe even wake up a teensy bit earlier to do some exercise and then freewriting and/or working on other writing.
  5. Travel more.
  6. Spend more time with cat. Meow.
  7. Make more lists because I actually am able to accomplish things on them.

East Van graffiti

2 08 2016



I agree.


27 07 2016

From afar, fireworks sound like an approaching thunderstorm.

Cuddle desperate

9 07 2016

Not a good day. And then I was watching some stand-up on YouTube and a comedian was talking about how she has depression and some days, she’ll just get really sad for no reason. And I thought, well, maybe that’s what I have today. I’m just sad for no reason. But it’s okay. And I don’t have to be desperate for affection. I mean, that’s not to say that craving cuddles is the worst way to deal with depression — there are much worse, unhealthier ways for sure.

Thirsty, is the word that comes to mind. I only recently learned the slang definition of it. I think it’s lame.

Someone made a poster of my film!

3 07 2016

Someone made a really cool poster for my short film, June, and uploaded it to the film’s IMDB page! Who are you, mysterious designer? I am impressed and flattered that you even did such a thing! Also, I love it!

june poster


Back into it

5 06 2016

I think I should start trying to post something every day. This blog is slowly turning into a tumblr featuring me almost naked holding books, like I’m some sort of slutty librarian.

Also, I like this old picture.