Men’s Volleyball

15 08 2016

More about regular things instead of me holding up books I’ve read.. I feel like that would be more of a tumblr thing. Then again, you can do anything you want to WordPress so I really shouldn’t care.

I’ve been watching Men’s Volleyball, particularly our Canadian team, and being so impressed by them. They’ve been so inspirational — although I think it primarily is the game itself rather than the teams — that it’s made me want to take up volleyball again. I haven’t played since high school but I was always decent. I remember being frustrated at my classmates/teammates because I longed to have an actual rally between the two teams but it never got further than one or two hits and then the ball would inevitably hit the floor. I know I can be very competitive and driven, and I think it would definitely help if were I to start playing again. The only thing that frightens me about the sport is having a hard ball come flying at your face at 100+ km/h. And the giant smashes that I’ve been witnessing on TV. Jesus.

I looked up some volleyball drop-ins/courses at the community centres around town and I think I should register. It’d be great to play again, even if it ends up being just like high school where I serve ace after ace (which, trust me, gets boring after a while).

Also, whenever I watch this — and I must’ve watched this clip about 7 times now — I get so pumped, it surprised me.

East Van graffiti

2 08 2016



I agree.


27 07 2016

From afar, fireworks sound like an approaching thunderstorm.

How to tell you’re back in Vancouver

15 06 2016
  1. Someone on the plane (in first class) wants to put their briefcase in the overhead compartment but people are still boarding in the aisles. You stop, gesture to him to proceed. He glances at you with a blank look, puts his briefcase away, and sits back down without any more acknowledgement or thanks.
  2. In the washroom at the airport after disembarking, you’re heading inside for a quick pee. Someone goes into the handicap stall and immediately, someone else starts yelling at him.”Hey, that’s my stuff!” a man wearing all white shouts at the first man. He gestures to a shopping cart full of knickknacks parked outside of the stall. “Don’t touch my stuff. It’s taken me a very long time to get everything. Can’t you see all my stuff?””I’m sorry,” the man apologizes. “I didn’t know you were using the stall.”

    “Are you blind? My stuff is all here,” he retorts. “That means someone’s using it, ya idiot!”

    The man in white continues berating the other man, who now clearly wants to leave the washroom but still needs to do his business at the same time. Meanwhile, everyone else at the urinals pees uncomfortably as the man’s voice echoes throughout the room, and you can’t help but think to yourself, Yep. Definitely back in Vancouver.



Leaving on a jet plane

7 06 2016

And of course the day I vow to start blogging regularly again, I fail to remember I’m leaving to Halifax for a week. I feel like I’m bringing a lot of stuff, and now I’m paranoid that my luggage weighs too much, so I took out a pair of pants and a shirt which seems to have eased my mind, at least for the time being.

So long, Vancouver! Even though it’s only for a week, I’ll be glad to be rid of you for now.

The Horrors: an A to Z of Funny Thoughts on Awful Things

27 03 2016

Like Ghost World, i finished this a while back. I love Charlie’s humour, especially his comparisons and analogies, so I was sure I’d enjoy his collection of personal essays. Although some are definitely more captivating than others, (“H for Heteronormativity” is a stand-out), I did feel lost amidst the jumble of Demers’s diction at times. Yes, his essays are well-written, but sometimes, less commonly used words — Charlie has an impressive vocabulary, I must say — can take you out of a piece instead of intriguing you. That was my main complaint about this. Also I’m super curious about his gay brother and how good-looking he really is.

Here is me at work again because I wanted to return it since there are a number of people waiting to read it. Eh. Whatever.


Adventure Tuesday

28 07 2015

In the name of the Vancouver Public Library’s Summer of Learning program, here’s me trying new donuts at Cartem’s Donuterie, going to Spyglass Dock, a place I’ve never been before in Vancouver, and then playing some piano in public (though I don’t have a pic of me playing since my hands were busy… you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or watch me play next time):


6 05 2015

1. Sent off my memoir proposal to an independent publisher that I’m fairly certain will publish it.

2. I ranted about how guys are unreliable in my last post, but they are also don’t seem to make an effort. I looked back at some old emails and I’m trying so hard to be clever and witty and funny and most of the time, it seemingly goes to waste. One way or another, it always ends. I don’t know if it’s uncool to show that you’re into someone or part of this stupid fucking dating game thing that I absolutely loathe, but I’m no good at it. It just affirms that I’ve been born in the wrong era, where romance and courtship used to mean something but now mean shit-all.

3. I’m going to visit Portland. If it’s what I’m looking for, I think I might stay a while. Or really, anywhere but Vancouver. Thank you, Wild, for the inspiration.

4. I want to walk across Canada.

Guster live

29 03 2015

Finally got the chance to watch them live tonight.

So. Good.

Though it was annoying when a random drunk kid asked if he could be onstage to drink their whisky. Which he did, much to the band’s confusion and perplexity. And despite the kid buying a replacement drink for the one he gulped down in the back as Guster played a song, I still thought it was rude.

But Guster was awesome! Made me love all their music all over again.

The universe is conspiring to keep me from Rufus Wainwright

7 12 2014

Two years ago, I missed Rufus Wainwright’s show on October 5th. A few days later, I remembered the show being sometime in October. Hopefully, it won’t have already passed. I mean, the probability is on my side. But alas, I was wrong, and having neglected to write it in my agenda earlier, I missed it. As a longtime fan — I grew up on his music — I was so crushed at having missed my chance to see him.

Earlier this year, I found out that Mr. Wainwright was to be coming to Vancouver again, and promptly bought my ticket well in advance. I tacked it to my bulletin board. I made a note of it on my agenda. I was totally set to go.

Fast forward to tonight. It’s 7:30pm and I’m reading up on some articles on Snowpiercer (I watched it earlier today) and opened up my agenda to make a note of something for later this week. I flipped over the page from last week to this week to see, in my huge scrawl, RUFUS WAINWRIGHT 8PM VOGUE.

I stared at the date. I whipped my head to my computer to look at the time. Then back to my agenda.


I ran to the bus stop. I ran off the bus to the skytrain station. I ran off the skytrain station to the venue (needless to say, my legs were giving out on me, especially having done a one-hour bootcamp class yesterday). And got there at 8:20. I missed his first song (and presumably, his intro).

But man, it was an awesome show.

Why must the universe almost make me miss my favourite gay musician? Again?!