The complicated journey towards identity as a gay Canadian man of colour

11 07 2017

Man, it’s really been a while since I’ve posted. Here’s a quick post about my newest piece, a personal essay about figuring out how to reconcile a tri-cultural identity.

Any thoughts or comments? Post below!

Source: The complicated journey towards identity as a gay Canadian man of colour

Shaking it Rough: A Prison Memoir

21 11 2015

I’m biased. Again.

This time, it’s because Andreas was my brilliant creative nonfiction teacher back at UBC. He was so supportive and enthusiastic and helpful that I really credit him for inspiring me to write a memoir after taking his class, which I hadn’t considered prior. So of course reading his spectacularly written memoir about his stint in prison was a well documented, exciting journey.

And if you’re wondering, that’s me with my high school cross-country sweater. Which is actually too big for me. Go figure.


So easy

26 06 2015

To do nothing. It’s almost July. I thought I’d be finished my book for sure, but nope. My ten-year high school reunion is coming up next year and it’s making me depressed. What do I have to show for? A demo, a bunch of short films, some writing published in lit mags. I suppose it’s something, and maybe it’s just the traditional Asian in me talking, but I expect more from myself.

You will finish writing another chapter this weekend. /pep-talk over.