Welcome home

15 09 2014

The first email I get when I’m home is a rejection email from a lit mag. Welcome home indeed.

Suckiest thing

13 09 2014

Getting sick on vacation. Might be coming down with something so I stuffed myself with vitamins and am off to have a long sleep. Fuck, I hope I’m not sick.

Q&As make me feel egotistical

12 09 2014

In a good way though, I think, since I can be almost too modest about my work. I really enjoyed the Q&A after the shirt film program today. I don’t know there would be one and even though there were all of maybe 10 people in the audience, it was still pretty damn cool. And people are so lovely too, coming up ad talking with me after. It was so strange but really awesome. Definitely hasn’t happened to me in Vancouver much, that’s for sure.

Austin hotness

11 09 2014

I don’t mean that the guys are hot, though they might be and I haven’t noticed yet. I mean that it’s about thirty.something here, yet it doesn’t feel as bad as 27 in Vancouver. I think it’s the humidity. Also, I saw bats. That was cool. I miss my cat.

See you in Austin

10 09 2014

I may or may not be able to/be not lazy enough to blog in Austin. And if not, see you all in a few days. First thing I’ve learned on my trip while I’m still in Vancouver: it’s never too early to plan your trip. Otherwise, you do it at the last minute and feel like an idiot.

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

9 09 2014

Man, this was a fantastic read. Highly recommend this to those who want to start reading graphic novel but aren’t sure where to start. I’ve seen Persepolis the film years ago and thought it was great, but I don’t recall a lot of the details. What I like most about the graphic novel is how Satrapi conveys her childhood so simply without needing to force the emotion she wants us to feel. Definitely left me thinking about how I should be writing and showing emotion in my memoir.

You may notice that I am 1) clothed, and 2) not in my bathroom. That is because I took this at work in the bathroom; all the copies of Persepolis were taken out except for one reference book so I had no choice but to do this in the library. No underwear for you all this time (I am also aware that my hair looks funny).

2014-09-08 11.12.55


Dreaming about bamboo

7 09 2014

I dreamt last night that the two bamboo plants my mom is going to be selling tomorrow had hand-drawn signs on them that said they were free, and I think a few people were taking them away. I’m sure I dreamed more but apparently those cups of Tieguanyin tea I had almost twelve hours ago had enough caffeine to keep me up for a while.


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