Day 3 of 12-hour workday

19 07 2014

It was yesterday, but I crashed at around 10pm. I know some people are able to work long hours, but I’ve never really enjoyed working full-time. Going to see if I can work a bit less next week. Otherwise, I will be an unhappy kitty.

Day 2 of 12-hour workday

17 07 2014

So far so good, though I’ve been given more work, so that means there’ll be more 12-hour work days…

Twelve hour workday tomorrow

15 07 2014

I’m scared! I’ve never worked so much before. I hope I don’t pass out in front of everyone.

Office job

14 07 2014

Worked my first eight-hour shift as a footage logger. I had my own computer at a table. For the first time, I felt like I had a typical kind of full-time office job. It was a strange feeling, mainly because I never thought I would have an office-type job (though I’m only a temp). I think I’m going to be quite tired this week…


13 07 2014

-Guest post by Curtis blurtis

Heat wave

12 07 2014

It’s times like these that I really appreciate cold weather. It’s so much easier to deal with: put clothes on, dress in layers. You can only take off so many clothes, fan yourself till your wrist tires, travel only to places with air conditioning. In my bedroom, the hot air hangs in there, despite the open windows, draped over me while I sleep fitfully.

Ugh. Where are you winter???

Binge watching Orphan Black

11 07 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve done some quality binge watching — and a drama series at that. I keep hearing all this stuff about Orphan Black so I thought I had to check it out myself, especially since I’ve seen Tatiana Maslany in other Canadian films (yay!) so I’m always happy to see Canadians breaking out. I’m up to Episode 4 tonight and it’s craaaaaazy! I love how the show leaves so many questions, has so many teases. Much like how Lost was.

I have a feeling things’ll get crazier soon too…


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