Why did I ever doubt you, Sarah McLachlan?

20 10 2014

To think I was put off by the $110 ticket to watch you live (although I agree with the husband of the couple sitting next to me who complained, “$110 for a ticket? We should be sitting in the front row!”). How could I have even thought about missing a show from the most important musician in my life since I first heard “Building a Mystery” way back when? Oh, Sarah. Forgive me for my hesitance until the day before to finally give in and buy the experience to hear you hit the crazy-high notes on “Fear”, to have my eardrums blasted out on several songs, and then be invited along with the rest of the audience to sing “Ice Cream.”

I’ve missed out on so much. At least if tonight proves anything, it’s that you’re not a god after all. Or at least paying $110 to watch a god is a pretty good deal.

Proud of my bathroom

19 10 2014

Okay, correction: proud of my *clean* bathroom. Sounds stupid, I’m sure, but I take pride in seeing a sparkling bathroom that I cleaned with non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. Who knew baking soda could be so useful (and cheap!) in cleaning a shower?

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pee everywhere and make my bathroom filthy because I’m a man.

Too difficult to write

18 10 2014

I have a memoir piece that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I know it’s a really cool idea because the structure is different than a typical memoir piece. But writing about my ex is province more difficult than I thought/want it to be. Maybe it’s that it still makes me sad and angry whenever I think about him. I tried continuing today and I just couldn’t and ended up staring into space like a catatonic.

Why must things like exes exist? Sigh.

Not in the nick of time

18 10 2014

Is there an expression that means just right after the deadline? ‘Cause I seem to do that a lot. I just submitted that play I’ve been working on (and still didn’t manage to finish) at 12:00am. I think the deadline was 11:59pm the previous day and I now I feel like a moron for not having sent it earlier. Ugh. Why does this alwayssss happeennnnn????


16 10 2014

I want to burn
with a flamethrower
all the impurities/
on my skin
watch it smolder
and cackle as it devours and heals me

Rainy day and Amy Winehouse

15 10 2014

Good day for some sad music from Amy.

To act or not to act?

14 10 2014

Should I get involved with next year’s Brace New Play Rites Festival? It would be an interesting experience, but at the same time, I wonder if it’s a bit too much of an undertaking. It’d be really fun to do some acting, but at the same time, I don’t really have any acting experience (unless you count the times I read parts in the playwriting class last year, and the bit parts in elementary school plays). I don’t want to say yes and then be overwhelmed later, which is partly what I’m afraid of. At the same time, you never know, right?



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