The Wannabe-Filmmaker’s Guide to Making a Short Film — 6 days to go

14 07 2012

After turning on my phone this morning, I get a text from Joe, saying the following:

My Ear infection spread to my throat and it started to swell up so I had to go to the hospital.

My immediate response was something along the lines of, “When did you have an ear infection??  Also, OMG!!”

But seconds later, another text popped up:

But I’m better now.  It’s like that time we filmed the pill movie and I had no voice.

Six days to go and I have an almost-mute cinematographer with an infection.  Just what I need.


We have a gaffer!  YES!!!!  (courtesy of Joe) We may also have a driver, my friend Kelvin, to help get equipment on Friday (courtesy of me).

Crew update:
Director: me!
Cinematographer: Joe
1st Camera Assistant: Chris
Gaffer: Zac


To be filled in:
Art Director
Camera op.
1st AD

I posted an ad for an Art Director on craigslist.  No response as of yet.

Was supposed to go shopping for a photo frame but didn’t have enough time, as I had to send out frantic emails to the woman whose house we’ll be using for the shoot.  Eventually, she texted me tonight about things, and mentioned a “rental fee”, which of course, I completely forgot about.  If I were to be writing a guide book, one of the things I’d advise wannabe-filmmakers to be aware of is paying people — everyone associated with the shoot.  Not just cast and crew.  And paying doesn’t have to be money, either.  It can be food, or copies of DVDS, or a credit on IMDB or something.  You gotta work that out.  But be aware that people will probably expect something from you, unless you’ve made it perfectly clear that you are a dirty broke artist making a film for absolutely no money.

Joe said the total for the equipment rentals is about $144, which isn’t too bad, really.  I don’t mind paying it, if it’s what we need to make a good movie.

Since I have the day off tomorrow, hopefully we can sort out some more details.  Let’s hope no one else gets any infections.



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