The Waiting Game

28 05 2014

After sending in my submission to subTerrain’s Lush Triumphant Literary Awards for this year, it’s now a matter of waiting many months before hearing what will happen. I reread “A Case of Jeff” earlier this year and I actually didn’t like it very much — I thought the writing was too obvious, too tell and not enough show, that I wondered how it managed to win (I still think I was the only submission as there was no runner-up but whatever. I’m happy enough just to win something). I guess I’ve grown a bit as a writer this past year, and the piece I submitted is, at least in my opinion, much better written than “A Case of Jeff.” But we’ll see what the subTerrain folks think about that.

In the meantime, it’s time to work on a new piece, finally. I think I’ll write a personal essay, maybe one about how I’ve always felt the like the lone gay person in the room wherever I went. Yes, I think I’ll go with that one.



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