6:30am wake-ups

8 08 2013

I had no idea you could get so much done by waking up so early and being unable to fall back asleep.

My day basically consisted of going around town doing errands the entire day, taking a nap (which I never do), hanging out with a friend, having dinner, hanging out again, and now about to go to bed. I guess it doesn’t seem like much. I will attribute that to the lack of specificity, of which I don’t feel like getting into because, quite frankly, does anyone really want to read about what I did today? This isn’t facebook, where people assume everyone wants to read about their mundane, average days. Gawd.

The point is that even though I hate waking up early, it’s actually pretty darn useful. Huh.




2 responses

13 08 2013

I totally agree, although my day sometimes starts at 5.30am when one of my kids wakes me!

13 08 2013

Yikes. That must be one hell of an alarm clock!

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