Way to Go

20 07 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve read an eBook because I prefer reading print. I also don’t remember signing them out to be so difficult– I couldn’t download the epub file do I tried to download it as a PDF but it wouldn’t let me change the download format so the only option was reading it in Chrome, which wasn’t bad once figured out how to save the book so that I could read it offline since if you’re reading it a browser you must be connected to the Internet. Ugh.

Anyway. So the book itself was alright. I like that it was set in Cape Breton, which I was semi-close to while in Nova Scotia last month. I also kinda liked that the conflict wasn’t about a love interest but rather the protagonist’s internal struggle to come to terms with his sexuality. A quick, decent read.

I can’t help but despise my hair in all these pictures.