Fiona Apple setlist

25 07 2012

Saw Fiona Apple in concert for the first time last night, and it was.


To say the least.  The videos on youtube don’t do it justice.  Nowhere near it.

I wrote down her setlist as she played.  Surprised at how many songs she played from When the Pawn… especially after the release of her new album (which is awesome).

Fast as You Can
On the Bound
Paper Bag
Anything We Want
Get Gone
Sleep to Dream
Extraordinary Machine
I Know
Every Single Night
Not about Love

It’s Only Make Believe (cover)

She didn’t talk much to the audience, which is a shame because I would’ve loved to hear her speak more.  Also, she re-interpreted “Not About Love” by screaming angrily “This is not about love/’cause I am not in love!” at that part, which was pretty surprising.

Anyway, awesome awesome show.  And to top it off, I got my seat upgraded from all the way in the back of the balcony, to row 18 on the floor.  Yeah!

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry

29 04 2011

Well, first of all, I’m not usually angry.  Second of all, when I’m angry, I don’t usually listen to music; I’ll talk to friends or write it out or do something else.  Third, if I do turn to music, I will play it out on the piano rather than sit and listen to a song.  So!  It was a little hard to think of a song that I’d actually listen to if I were in fact angry, but after looking around my CD collection on my desk, Ms. Fiona Apple came into my sights.

Though “Limp” is a song that upon listening to it, I actually feel angry, it’s not particularly a song I’d listen to if I were angry, but it’s the closest thing.  Maybe I’ll do it next time.  And there’s a percussion solo in the middle of the song!  How rare.