Movie marathon alone

22 02 2013

Watched When Harry Met Sally followed by Inception  to keep from feeling lonely.


30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 13: Favourite chick flick

26 06 2011

Does every romantic comedy equal a chick flick?  Is that really the only thing that qualifies a film as geared towards women?  I guess Titanic could also be considered a chick flick and in that case, would every romance movie a chick flick?

So if we’re going by those standards, then I picked from my favourite romantic comedies and came up with When Harry Met Sally, a romantic comedy that is actually romantic and funny, unlike a lot of rom-coms today. What I really like about this film that stands out to me more than typical rom-coms is that for the majority of the film, the two leads (SPOILER ALERT!) don’t get together.  It’s an exploration of friendship and love, and what happens when sex does and doesn’t get in the way.  That in itself is more relevant to people’s lives than any re-hashed Adam Sandler movie today.

Here’s the diner scene in the film: