The Wannabe-Filmmaker’s Guide to Making a Short Film — 5 days to go

15 07 2012


No new official crew updates today, although I did get an email from someone about being an Art Director. We’ll see how that goes.  I also forgot to mention my good friend and former co-worker Chris might be able to “lend a handy hand”, as he called it.  He’s good with pretty much all positions so I’ll just say he’s a wildcard.

Crew update:
Director: me!
Cinematographer: Joe
1st Camera Assistant: Chris
Gaffer: Zac


To be filled in:
Art Director
Camera op.
Stills photographer
1st AD

Got distracted today and didn’t get to look for a frame.  I should really stop doing that.

I also added the role of still photographer to the list, which means I have another person to look for.

For all those who actually have producing experience: is $200 to use someone’s place for a film shoot for a day a reasonable offer?  The woman whose place we’ll be shooting in has also suggested $300 if we are to be needing both weekend days.

Is it wrong of me to want to negotiate with her?  I mean, I’m more than willing to pay her something — of course she should get something.  But $300?  Hmm… my gut feeling says it’s quite a bit.  I’d feel more comfortable paying $200 for both days, but I think I need other opinions.

I also spent the day sending out emails to some old film friends to see if they’d be up for helping out.  I got one response back, and he’s in Japan.  So not going well so far.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive since it’s a weekday.  Let’s hope so.

PS.  If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that I really dislike producing.  Part of it is not knowing anyone/anything.

Should I be concerned about how this is all happening?  I’m sure I’ll start panicking later.