Distractions galore

22 09 2015

First I was listening to Classical music. Then it stopped and I wanted to listen to something a little different so I randomly started listening to the Edge of Tomorrow soundtrack. But it wasn’t that great and I thought, Definitely not Hans Zimmer. Then I started listening to Interstellar (again) and it was great. Then I started getting bored so I found a Hans Zimmer collection and started listening to that. But some of it wasn’t that interesting. And then I thought, Hey, that waves scene in Interstellar was pretty cool so I watched it again. And then I thought, Hey, that docking scene was pretty cool too and I watched that too. And of course I read all the comments because you have to when you watch a video. Then I watched the Ending scene because it was in the related videos.

And now it’s time for bed. So productive!

Being Invisible

20 08 2015

This is how I feel like most of the time, especially around other gay guys. Minus the bag of leaves.


Comedy Central’s videos are annoying and can’t seem to be embedded and I’m sick and too tired to look into how to properly do it. So just click on the link and watch it.

Cat plays with windshield wipers

17 08 2015

Well, more accurate would be tries to play with windshield wipers.

A solution to the plastic in the oceans

15 04 2015

This guy is pretty inspiring. And so young, too! Makes me feel like I haven’t done anything with my life.

Matt Donaher stand-up

13 11 2014

This guy is pretty good. I admire stand-up comics because it’s hard to make people laugh and it can be so awkward when it doesn’t work.


Six Love Letters to Russia — Lucia

7 02 2014

My friend and super smart, artistic, creative, brilliant writer Chris Gatchalian, put together a video project featuring six Vancouver writers and artists who wrote love letters to Russia in response to all the gay stuff that’s been happening over there. I was delighted and honoured when he invited me to be a part of the project, as this issue had been on my mind for a while and I didn’t know what I could do about it. Writing and reading a love letter to Russia seemed like a good, creative way to make a statement.

The first video was uploaded today and features playwright Lucia Frangione recalling her visits to Russia. It’s so well-written and measured — I really, really enjoy it.

My video will be up in a few days. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, share this video!

Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell

4 02 2013

If this doesn`t show just how stupid and ridiculous homophobia is, then I don`t know what will.

Un Pas (English translation)

25 07 2010

For those who want to know what I’m singing.

Un Pas (English translation)

A step
Can change life.
A step,
It’s so easy.
Left, in front, right,
A step, a step for me.

I am very high,
So high that I see the clouds.
And if, if I shouted,
No one would hear me.

A step
Can change your life.
A step,
It’s so easy.
Now, I have a lot of choices,
A step, a step for me.

To the right, safety.
Like all the decisions I’ve made.
But in front, it calls my name.
I can feel myself falling.

A step
Can change my life.
A step,
It’s so easy.
It was the time, I believe.
A step, the step for me.