Nothing Where Something Used to Be

10 07 2015

Really digging this. I can see it playing in the end of an episode of my TV series.

I’m sorry I made you cry

13 05 2015

It hurt to watch you cry in front of me and know that I was the cause of it. When I first heard this song months ago, I thought of you. So this is for you.

And I’ve always loved you, haven’t always loved you right

Young Heart

2 07 2014

Love this new song from Vanessa Carlton. I taught myself to play it yesterday on the piano. #thanksperfectpitch


A Thousand Miles

25 12 2012

Happy Xmas, Xmas people.

When Love’s Gone Away (Scott’s Theme)

15 02 2012

I realized I actually haven’t posted any of my instrumental pieces on my blog, probably because they don’t involve any sort of words, but I could still talk about them.  Which I will!  Starting with this one.

This was written many years ago.  I had just broken up with my first “boyfriend”– I say “boyfriend” because we never physically met, but had been exchanging messages and IM’ing online for quite some time.  After about 2 and a half weeks or something, I had a feeling of insecurity, wondered if he really was who he was.  Instead of showing me who he was, he broke things off, citing that if I wasn’t comfortable with us being together then we shouldn’t be together.  Of course, I was sad and distraught, since I all I wanted was for him to prove to me he still liked me.  I ended up writing this instrumental piece for him, originally called “For a Friend”, then re-titled it because I didn’t feel like it was quite right.  At the same time, Vanessa Carlton just started performing her song “Fools Like Me” live (long before the studio version was ever released), and a lyric in the song, it’s all in the little ways one reveals their love’s gone away/love’s gone away really made me sad.

I’m still constantly reminded that love can go away, that even if I’m in love, it doesn’t mean the other person feels the same.  Everything comes and goes.

It’s been a while since I’ve played this one, but I think I should learn it again.

In the End

10 02 2012

Our bones to dust, bursting into a million diamonds…

I love the haunting beauty of this track.

I was supposed to post a review

24 10 2011

of a film but I have left this again to the last minute of the day and am unable to do that.  Instead, here’s a somewhat creepy-sounding tune from– you guessed it– Vanessa Carlton to set the Halloween mood.  Really digging this song right now.

“Hear the Bells”

“Fairweather Friend” — Vanessa Carlton

27 07 2011

Rabbits On the Run, Vanessa Carlton’s fourth studio album was released this past Tuesday and I’m still waiting to get my signed copy in the mail, but I’ve heard all the songs already.  🙂   Anyway, this is one of the songs on the record and for whatever reason, it’s been stuck in my head all day.  When I first heard this song when she performed it live a couple years back, I thought it was an alright song, but the more I listen to it now, the more I see and notice the details in the words Vanessa’s chosen, and it gets that much stronger every time.

Have a listen yourself: (and get the CD!)

“Carousel” — Vanessa Carlton

28 06 2011

As a nessaholic, I feel I should promote this awesome song and her album coming out on July 26 titled Rabbits on the Run.  Also, I’m really digging this song right now.  Listen!

“London” – Vanessa Carlton

1 06 2011

I can’t think of anything to post or say except that I’m really digging this song right now.  Can’t wait until her CD comes out next month!