Happy Valentines Day

13 02 2015

If you buy your girlfriend or wife jewelry, this is the video for you.


14 02 2011

After class today, I met my boyfriend and another friend in the cafeteria, where he was assigning the two of them themes and subjects for which to write poems.  Suddenly, I was told to grab a colored pen and to write a poem about the color opposite of it.  Since I grabbed a green pen, I had to write about red.  Here’s what I wrote. (don’t get your expectations too high)


you are not faded,
not like the strawberry of your sweatshirt,
gone through cycles,
twisting and contorting — like a Ditto!

You like Ditto
and strawberries;
I leave your neck blushing with spots where my mouth has christened them.
Joy is a fuse, lit by the touch of your chilled fingers
pressing into my heated palms.
It travels along the citadels of hair on my arms,
winding down canyons and valleys of mouded flesh
that I call my body.
Finally detonating with your escaped frantic whispers.

See, you are not faded
like your sweatshirt
or chilled like your fingers,
but a warm bath stewed with everything you are
and while roses wash the surface,
it is the fire underneath —
You —
that I love.

Between Us

13 02 2010

Feeling nostalgic and sad about my lack of love in my love life, I took a look through my past convos and e-mails with Kem and it made me pretty sad.  I wrote this poem a while ago when I felt like he was intentionally trying to push me away, and how sad it made me when he did.  I understand it was because he was trying to help me get over him, but he didn’t have to do it like that.  I can’t really describe it except that it made me feel worse — that the one guy who I thought I shared a special connection felt like he was trying pull away from me on purpose, like I was so easy to get over.

Between Us

It’s just a crack in the ground
Between us.
If you step over and stand next to me
I’ll hold your hand against
Every barrage in this world
You take a step back.

It’s just a fault in the ground
Between us.
Nothing a running start can’t handle
I’ll be your bridge
My arms will suspend you while you cross
Another step back.

It’s an abyss in the space
My voice echoes and skips like a broken record
Pebbles and dirt slip and fall into
The solace beneath me, accumulating the lies already there
Even with the stretching and tearing every muscle in my body,
To the peaks of my yearning fingers,
I am feeble
For the crevasse shrugs me off effortlessly,
As you tediously shift away.

In the distance, I see you
A soldier standing solidly while I struggle on my hands
You have only stayed this long to watch me leave
But it is you who retreats,
Sweeping away your footprints
So I cannot follow.
And I am forced to mimic the same act
Except I do not play this part well
For little puddles mark my every pace
Until they are the only things

Between us.