30 Day Song Challenge: Day 21: A song that you listen to when you’re happy

30 04 2011

“If I’m having a good time and I’m happy and things are going really well, why would I want to stop what I’m doing to go and write at the piano?”

Fiona Apple said these words during an interview with Craig Ferguson about songwriting and I feel the same way about listening to music while I’m in a good mood.  Why would I listen to a song when I’m happy instead of doing whatever makes me happy?  I may listen to a song which might make me feel happy but I don’t generally listen to a song when I’m happy.  Anyway!

Gotta abide by the rules.  So I went through my CD collection and didn’t really find anything so I turned to my favourites on youtube and found Mika’s “Relax, Take It Easy” which is a good song.  I never really liked “Grace Kelly” but his other songs are actually pretty catchy, which reminds me — I should probably pick up his CDs sometime.  Hmm.

Selling/giving away a whole bunch of stuff!

8 02 2011

I highly doubt anyone coming across this little blog will read this, find something they want, and contact me about it but it’s worth a shot.

So I’ve been cleaning my room for the past while (not that it takes eons to clean my room; I just go slow 😉 and found some CDs that I no longer listen to or want.  The regular list of CDs are all in very good condition (except The Corrs case) and all working.  A few CDs don’t come with cases (Backstreet Boys, Thursday).  I’m listing everything on the CDs list for $5 though if you want to haggle, be my guest.  🙂


The Burned CDs list I don’t expect anyone will want since anyone can put them together and unless I have a whole bunch of people pleading to have the Atomic Kitten CD and are willing to pay something for it, everything on that list is FREE!


Same goes for My stuff.  The copies of On the Bus — my grad project from VFS which has been to lots of film festivals around the world! — won’t work on your DVD player (which is why it’s free) but it should read fine on your computer.  The original copies of my demo, the one I recorded a few years ago at Deep Cove Studios, isn’t the greatest thing I’ve done, just fyi.  A Few Pages is my new demo and I have lots of copies if anyone wants one, let me know!


If anyone has anyone questions about anything, feel free to  or post a comment!  Gracias!


Alicia Keys – Diary of Alicia Keys (HK import)

Avril Lavigne – Best Damn Thing

Backstreet Boys (Chinese Import?)

The Be Good Tanyas – Hello Love

Berklee College of Music – new from berklee vol. 55

Blue October – Foiled

Busted – You Said No CD single

The Corrs – In Blue (Germany Import)

Daniel Powter

Dido – Life For Rent (HK import)


Jem – Finally Woken

Kyle Riabko EP

The Reason – Things Could Be Better

Stacie Orrico

Stacie Orrico – Beautiful Awakening

Thursday – Waiting


Train – Drops of Jupiter



Burned CDs

Avril Lavigne – Let Go

Atomic Kitten – Right Now (with bonus tracks)

BBMak – Into Your Head

Kylie Minogue – Fever

Michelle Branch – Spirit Room

New Mix 2005 (random songs that I liked)

Old Mix (random songs that I liked)



My stuff

Original Empty demo (x9) (old one!)

Piano instrumentals + You Will Never Know These Words

On the Bus films (x2)

A Few Pages demo (new one!)