Writing marathon complete!

27 11 2013

I know I didn’t really do a very good job with National Novel Writing Month, but I feel like I basically had writing marathon these past two weeks with my three big writing assignments — a 5o-page TV script, a 9-page play, and just completed today, a 10-page personal essay. Oh, and not to mention all of the reading and feedback I’ve been writing for my classmates’ work too. If I took all the words I’ve written over the last two weeks and combined them, I’m pretty sure I’d have at least half a novel done. Ugh, I’m exhausted by all this writing. But in a good way.

Technically, I do still have revisions to do and a final take-home exam thing for my film class so I’ll still be writing. Dammit.

What I’m writing at the moment

18 11 2013

Well, I’m not going to give anything away just yet, but here’s something that’s inspiring me right now for a play I’m writing in consideration for the Brave New Playrites Festival. I think it’s turning out to be one of my better scenes.

Super Fun Night

7 11 2013

No, not the show. It’s nice to have a night out with friends and just be silly and funny and talk about Bitchy Resting Face. Bonnie and Randall are my favs!


24 09 2013

During a post-lecture, the TA for my Critical Studies in Sexuality class was explaining what the guest lecturer had talked about, since the language and concepts she was talking about were fairly sophisticated. As he was explaining in simplified ways, two students burst into the room. They were both holding boxes of candy that I had seen on a table at the lecture earlier.

“WHO WANTS CANDY???” one of them shouted, as if the class were a bunch of kindergarteners whose sole goal was to consume as much sugar as possible. She and her partner in crime seemed completely oblivious to the TA who was standing in front of the room with a surprised look on his face.

Since no one responded to the interruption and before I could scold them, the student continued. “We’re going to pass it around from the back, so the people at the front might not be getting any, haha.” Hilarious.

I have to give props to the TA for keeping his cool and not telling them off, even as the boxes circulated the room and distracted students searched the varieties of candies in the boxes, even as the crinkling and ripping of candy packages almost overpowered his words. I give props to the students, who obviously realized that more important things were happening, yet didn’t offer an apology to the TA nor the rest of the class.

It’s times like these that remind me that even though I’m taking a third-year course, a lot of these kids are only 19/20. UBC may be considered by many to be a good school (not including me), but the students — that’s a whole different thing.

I don’t know where to start.

10 09 2013

You may or may not have heard about this rape chant thing that happened (and apparently, has been happening for a long time) at UBC’s Sauder Business School. I’ve been reading extensively on the matter today, sifting through dozens of comments left on The Ubyssey and other news sites.

I have no idea where to start.

I think that most everyone would agree that rape is bad. Yes? I also think that many, if not all, incoming students at UBC — not just Sauder students — have little to no comprehensive sex education, and probably nothing mentioning other aspects of sex, like sexual assault.

Now, I took a course at Langara College called Health Sciences 1127 (it might’ve been 1120, I can’t remember). Essentially, it was a four month sex ed course — the sex ed course I never had. Not only did the instructors cover basic things like biological and physiological aspects of sex, but the latter part of the course was focused around sex in society. Fetishes. Sex work. Sex slavery. Laws that govern sexuality, of which included sexual assault.

If I were the president of a post-secondary institution, I would make it mandatory for all students to take this course. I believed it at the time and I still believe it now. Now, it may sound silly. In fact, your first reaction might be something along the lines of, “Why would I need to know that stuff? I’m in [insert different program/faculty here].” The most obvious answer is that everyone has sex. Many young people don’t have a good understanding of sex, or only have a very basic understanding, so this course would be beneficial (not to mention, it’s a really interesting course on its own).

But more importantly, the information about sexual assault/rape, the statistics around how many women (and men) are sexually assaulted, and what they might feel/go through — that is arguably more important. It’s so basic yet so important to teach others to respect one another, to not believe popular culture’s frequent messages about what sex is, misogyny, etc. It contributes to them being a better citizen in the world.

This is turning into an op. ed. piece. I suppose that it is, since I do have a suggestion I’d like to make. But the point I want to make is that we all go to university to learn. I think most people want to learn to be better people.

This seems to be as good a start as any.

Aaron, the children’s author

9 09 2013

I’ve never thought about it. But as I sat in my Writing for Children and Young Adults class today, ideas came to me for children’s books. What’s going on??? I wondered to myself. But it was too late. In the future, I saw myself sitting at a desk, sunlight illuminating my writing, as I shout to no one, “Yes! Another idea! What the fuck was I thinking? Being a creative non-fiction writer or, even worse, trying to get my TV pilot ever made. I write children’s books!”

Oh no.



3 09 2013

A student called me “bubbly” today. I wanted to tell her how I don’t like people and am in fact very awkward with people, but all I could think of was, “You take that back right now!”

Who cares about exams

15 04 2013

I’ve been so excited to be finished exams that I haven’t really cared about my one and only exam that I have to write tomorrow. I almost feel like winging it, which I know I shouldn’t do, and I have been studying but… I’ve been so stress-free after classes finished that I feel like, compared to others who are cramming, pulling all-nighters, and generally being a total wreck, I’ve been high or something. So carefreeeeeee… wheeeee…

Anyway, I just want to be done. And then I will frolic.

CiTR radio show

9 04 2013

After an embarrassingly long time, I have finally found the link to the CiTR radio show for my song lyrics class. I did a short interview with the DJ in between my songs, which I think I did alright with. I’m the second in the show, and I played two new songs: “In a New Life” and “Once in a Day”.

The volume for the songs is a bit low, unfortunately (I’m listening the show right now). Remember to turn the volume down after the songs so you don’t blow your eardrums out.

Check it out!

Screwing up as an extra

31 03 2013

Was an extra today for a film called Hector and the Search for Happiness featuring Christopher Plummer and Simon Pegg.  Based on my experience as a PA on Smallville and how easily I manage to screw things up, I was really hoping that wouldn’t happen on set today.

You can probably guess where this is going.  Sigh.