Newest obsession

1 03 2013

I know I’ve already mentioned Anna Karenina on a few occasions, but here’s another one.  I somehow cannot stop watching the trailer for the film.  I don’t know why.  I think it’s the combination of the awesome music (“Nero” by Two Steps from Hell) and the fact that the story of a woman loses everything because of love that hits something inside me.  I’m reading the novel and it’s incredibly long but so well-written and absorbing (despite me knowing what will happen from having watched the film).

I feel like I’m the only one so dedicated to this trailer that I feel crazy.

“Nero” — Two Steps from Hell

7 02 2013

(Correct me if I’m wrong!) This track is called “Nero”, composed by Thomas  Bergersen, also known as Two Steps from Hell.  I found this yesterday on youtube, linked to the trailer for Anna Karenina and I couldn’t stop listening to it.  With any musical piece, I hear enough of it after a few listens, but for this one, I just kept pressing replay, which never happens!  I think it’s because the piece is so varied throughout, in terms of melodies and dynamics, that I get used to it a lot slower than I would with a regular song or piece of music.

Here it is, the piece that I might just never tire of hearing (at least for now):