“But Not For Me” — Chet Baker

5 08 2011

One of my favourite Chet Baker songs that I could probably listen to forever until I get old and die.  I love how the subject matter is about being alone after a breakup and coming to terms that a lover is “not for me” but it’s in such an upbeat, swung jazz tempo that it’s kind of oddly reassuring in a way.

If it wasn’t obvious already, I’m really digging this song at the moment because… well, you can probably guess.  I guess he’s not for me…

“Look For the Silver Lining” — Chet Baker

12 06 2011

For some reason, I haven’t posted anything from the great Chet Baker yet, so it’s due time I finally get to it.  I’m a super, crazy fan for his music, particularly when he sings; I remember the first time I heard it I was so in awe and blown away from his impeccable, smooth, brilliant tone that I was speechless.  And his trumpet skills are pretty amazing and smooth as well.

I have a CD of songs that Chet sings and it’s honestly one of my favourite albums I have.  To pick a song from there, is really hard, but I have a friend who’s a little sad from life and is staying put on his couch for the next week or two… or three, I’m not sure, and I saw him yesterday.  He’s doing alright and he seems to be fine, but I can see that there’s an air of sadness to his voice and it makes me sad because he’s usually talkative and bubbly.  So this post is dedicated to my friend in the hopes that he doesn’t stay couch-ridden and sad for much longer.