I am sneezing

28 03 2013

And excessive sneezing makes me tired.  Plus I am also tired after walking at a brisk pace for 35 minutes today after i found out the bus was going to be at the stop for half an hour.  So I ended up beating the bus.  Suck on that.

For the Boy On the Bus

16 05 2010

Story of my life.  Sigh.

For the Boy On the Bus

10 minutes ago,
I saw a boy on the bus
tinny music pouring into his ears.
my sight sniffing out stimulating nuggets to not break the ice,
but to set foot on the glassy surface.
insipid questions forming from a burning mind,
building precariously leaning towers of delusion
seeping past the filters I’d installed long ago.

My eyes, bloodshot passion, a drunkard’s
and I look to his for a similar affliction
but there is simply stern neutrality – a flatter-lipped Mona Lisa.

A good guess, albeit a stupid one:
one glance does not tip the scales.

His image, frozen in memory,
more vibrant and destructive than a photograph.
because moments from now,
the only way you’ll pan through the mud for the words to say
is by writing ones he’ll never see.