Damn you, Family Feud.

20 05 2011

This is more of a rant than anything, but I’ve been playing the Tournament mode for Family Feud for the past while.  It’s different than the original version in that it’s basically a round of Fast Money but your answers are compared to other Family Feud players on facebook.  There are different levels of difficulty; you start on Normal and depending on if you finish with the highest score or lowest score, you move up and down difficulty levels.  Down a notch from Normal is Beginner, which I was on for a while and I kept losing and losing, slightly ashamed that I was on the same level as some these other strangers.  I thought this was the lowest level until I noticed I was on Novice, and that was pretty sad.  I’ve never gotten higher than Normal because I apparently am too stupid to win anymore, and I’m stuck on Novice, which appears to consist of me and about 2 or 3 other players because every time I play the game, I always get paired up with those people, and they always end up beating me, which is really frustrating.  It’s not frustrating because it’s them (I have no idea who they are) but it’s frustrating to keep losing and losing all the time.  Argh!

Yes, I could just not play but fuck, I want to get myself back up to Beginner at least.

In other news, the world is supposed to end tomorrow.  Around six-ish.  Not sure what time zone that’s supposed to be, but I’ll be alert if I hear that Europe or the East Coast has been destroyed hours earlier.