Le Tombeau de Couperin — Maurice Ravel

2 10 2010

Studying music and listening to it are two totally different things.  I could tell you about Beethoven’s life, his style of music, and how important his works were but have I listened to a lot of his stuff?  Psh, no.  The same goes for almost all the composers I studied while learning music history back when I was taking piano lessons.  Mozart, Haydn, Cage — all those guys.  It was only earlier this year when I met a guy online who lived in Texas who played oboe in an orchestra who sent me a link to a concert where they played this piece: Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin.  He was so awesome he had a solo in it, and man, I was impressed.

Unfortunately, it’s not on youtube so I’m not able to link it but!  I found a fantastic piano version of it, played by Rubenstein, who, I’m not gonna lie, I know nothing about except that he has some pretty good renditions of Classical pieces.