Chasing Destiny

14 03 2011

With my love for gay teen novels, I picked up a hefty one called Hero, about a gay teen who has healing powers (but also destructive, to a certain point).  What struck me most about the novel other than the fact that the protagonist was a gay teen who had other problems than coming out (ie. it wasn’t the focus of the novel) was that some of the passages in the book were so detailed and so captivating that it was one of the few books I could not stop reading (the end battle is fantastically described and written). I loved Hero, and after reading up on Perry Moore, the author, I loved that he was so passionate about writing and getting this book out to teens.  He was also a producer on the Narnia films and had written a TV pilot for Hero, which was supported by Stan f-ing Lee, the creator of Marvel comics and the two of them were asking people on imdb what their casting choices for the characters would be.  I responded a couple times about the casting I saw in my mind and he responded back, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Last month, I was on imdb like it was any other day when I saw on the newsfeed on the front page that one of the producers from the Narnia films had OD’ed.

“Holy shit!” I shouted in my bedroom, at my computer.  My fears were confirmed when, upon clicking on the link, I saw Perry’s name attached to the article. Crap.  This fantastic man had died.

Back to last year, when I finished reading Hero, I wanted to write a superhero song and one based on Thom (the main character) and his experiences.  I wrote what I eventually called “Chasing Destiny” but there were lines in it that I still had to finish, and I’ve never performed it for anyone  — well, besides my mom who’s never really listening and my cat who, as much as I want to believe, doesn’t understand — though I mentioned on Perry’s imdb page that I would post it as soon as I finished it.

Today, I still haven’t finished everything but I have the melody, the piano, and about 95% of the lyrics done, and it’s a song that I actually also really like and enjoy playing. I only wish Perry would’ve heard it before he passed away.

So here’s to you, Mr. Moore, because you’ve made an impact on not only me, but so many people around the world thanks to your book.

Chasing Destiny

Heroes are born by day,
like the stars up in the sky.
Unbounded by moments in time,
I wonder when is mine.

Captured courage in my hands,
burning like an open flame.
I’ve taken hold of kismet’s reins,
and nothing will be the same.
Oh, nothing will be the same…

Can I break through this cold and lonely world?
to find the truth… [insert 3 syllables here]… I’m chasing destiny.

Such power in my hands,
does it come from just a mask?
Who can tell the future
when I’m fig’ring out the past?

Oh, I need a new solution
to the way things have to be.
One of a milion,
all the odds are ‘gainst me.
All the odds are ‘gainst me…


If all the walls crumbled at the feet,
would I be left with all I fear to meet?

As time will bring soldiers to their knees,
unless we find [insert 3 syllables]… I’m chasing destiny.
I’m chasing destiny.