Reading a synopsis of your film written by someone else

15 10 2013

It’s weird, but in a good way. I certainly haven’t come across many reviews for my films (although I’m really interested in knowing what others have to say to the point where I will google the hell out of myself and my films), so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across someone else’s synopsis of Stay on imdb. Here’s what they said:

Eric and Sam, two Asian-Canadian males, have just had sex with each other like they have had several times before. But like he has every previous time after their sexual encounters, in-the-closet Sam is going home to his parent’s house where he still lives, rather than stay the night at Eric’s. The actual act of staying the night becomes a symbol of the status of their relationship. Sam doesn’t ever foresee himself coming out as to upset his culturally traditional and religious parents, and thus he will always “go home” so as not to give his parents any indication of what he has been doing. In Sam not spending the night, Eric sees himself as just Sam’s fuck buddy, which has no emotional connotation. If Eric and Sam truly see each other as a boyfriend, Sam will soon have to make that symbolic leap of spending the night or else risk losing Eric. Written by Huggo

What a wonderful synopsis! Huggo gets the film, which is awesome. It’s a whole lot better than my short, tiny synopsis that was there previously. Thanks, Huggo!