Being home alone stresses me out more than work

28 12 2014


Stressed out checking out

7 12 2013

When I get really stressed out in a situation, I scratch. It’s not really a good thing since I also have eczema. So imagine me tearing at my skin on my thigh, staring at the checkout page on Mark’s wearhouse when it wasn’t taking off the advertised 20% off all items and giving me free shipping for my order that was clearly over $50.

And then I thought, Why am I getting stressed out over buying clothes online? That’s so lame.

So then I stopped.

Who cares about exams

15 04 2013

I’ve been so excited to be finished exams that I haven’t really cared about my one and only exam that I have to write tomorrow. I almost feel like winging it, which I know I shouldn’t do, and I have been studying but… I’ve been so stress-free after classes finished that I feel like, compared to others who are cramming, pulling all-nighters, and generally being a total wreck, I’ve been high or something. So carefreeeeeee… wheeeee…

Anyway, I just want to be done. And then I will frolic.

Two more weeks

18 11 2012

And then the craziness with things to write, read, and watch will be over.  Until next semester.  For once, I am getting a little overwhelmed with things.  But only a little.  I can handle it, since I’m a superstar.

Watching Olympics stresses me out

2 08 2012

Does it do that to others?  Today, I was watching the Canada vs. Japan match for women’s doubles badminton, and I was so on edge and stressed out watching it, that I had to switch the channel and watch some guys do kayak slalom, which was not even close to being as stressed out.  It was just really exciting!  I don’t believe Canada’s had an badminton team go so far in the Olympics before, and the fact that the scores were, at times, so close, was really nerve-wracking.  Yikes!