Straight Pride Parade

11 12 2010

To all those to celebrate this fantastic day, every day.

Straight Pride Parade

I have waited
Everywhere, Adams and Eves
in dull grey’s and blacks (not rainbow!)
unenthused participants
Buses and skytrain carts are our floats
PDA is protocol.
Romeos and Juliets, appendages in another
hands in sweaty hands
arms chain-locked together
moist, flapping tongues in mouths like hyperventilating dogs
or shouting like megaphones about their tragic, star-crossed dramas
Everyone must see the grandeur of us
of flaunting – I mean, celebration!
Grooms and brides,
Husbands and wives
own the sidewalks and awnings.

Let’s not forget to rejoice
the books of progress we’ve come
the invisible hurdles we leapt
to enjoy the dull grey and black Eden we deserve.
Mercenaries in higher seats
who battled for our existence

Marsh hands, arms sore, and a sandpaper tongue
The party always tires me out.
But in a few hours, the festivities
begin all over again.