Dan Savage, the comedian

15 02 2011

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Savage — not just because he gives out logical advice with his trademark humor, but also that he’s super hot. 🙂  I found this clip of Dan recounting trying not to become the “gay guy” he saw on TV which involves a toy poodle.

I cannot put into words how hilarious this is.  Oh, Dan….

Bus absurdity

6 01 2011

Random paragraph I wrote for non-fiction class.


The best place to hear the most absurd things people will say is on the bus.  Two young men, probably in their early to mid twenties, dressed like typical skateboarders sat behind me on the number 20 bus.  One was telling the other about this TV show involving a man owning a prison.  One day, the warden made the prisoners change their uniforms to rabbit constumes, as it was around Easter time.

His friend quickly asked, “Is he gay?”