Margaret Cho’s mom

27 07 2015

I laughed until my sides hurt, which rarely happens.

James Smith stand up

19 07 2015

Really funny. I like the “sex is like a murder” bit.

Matt Donaher stand-up

13 11 2014

This guy is pretty good. I admire stand-up comics because it’s hard to make people laugh and it can be so awkward when it doesn’t work.


Writer, Musician, Filmmaker — and Comedian?

20 05 2014

I should’ve gotten someone to film it for me, but I did my first “stand-up” thing (which was really just me recounting my experience coming out when I was eight years old) a couple months ago at Outwrite, the reading series for the BFA Creative Writing students. People really seemed to like it, which I was glad for. Today, I did something similar, and got some good comments after too. I never really thought about doing more stand-up — mostly because stand-up, to me, seems really difficult to do successfully and I’d rather watch comedians do it well on youtube — but after today, I think it might be worth considering. Or at least doing it a couple more times and actually trying to make people laugh.

What do you think?

Books vs. Movies

20 10 2013

I have discovered Aparna Nancherla via her stand-up routine on Conan. And then after a youtube search, I came across this hilarious video about how books are better than movies in many, many ways.

Ellen Degeneres is hilarious

3 12 2012

I miss her doing stand up, and I wish she did it more.  She is so classy when it comes to humour and making people laugh, and I really respect her for it.

Case in point: Taste This.

Louis CK on Gay Marriage

26 11 2012

I love his logic, especially when it comes to parents telling their kids about gay men.

I kill for gay people!

10 10 2012

Aziz Ansari is so cute and awesome.

Jesus: “That’s not what I meant!!!”

12 08 2012

After watching every single video of Ellen Degeneres performing stand0up on youtube, I then moved on to Margaret Cho, whose comedy is much, much different.  Prepare for lots of swearing!  I do enjoy how she scathes everything and everyone.  My favourite quote in this video is the following:

“They have no right to call themselves Christians because they have no Christianity to them.  They have no kindness.  They have no compassion, no charity.  I want Jesus to come back and say, ‘That’s not what I meant!!!'”

And my second favourite, when people were ranting and raving about how Spongebob Squarepants is gay: “Spongebob… is a sponge.”

Ellen stand-up

9 08 2012

I’ve been procrastinating, but that’s nothing new.  Lately, it’s been videos of Ellen DeGeneres doing stand-up.  I particularly like her sense of humour because she doesn’t have to resort to profanity (it’s rare) nor is she vulgar.  Intelligent, witty humour.  That’s what I like.