Light on the Piano

8 04 2011

Somehow I’m writing about this again.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I woke up at around 5am the other night and because my door is open a bit to let my kitty in and out of the room (she sleeps with me at night) and thought that the light to the kitchen was turned on since sometimes my mom wakes up at night to have a drink of water.  But as I tried to go back to sleep, the light was on for a little too long and when I sat up in bed, I saw that in fact the light on top of my piano was on.  The light itself isn’t a switch but there’s a small bulb at the base that you touch and hold down for half a second or so and the light will turn on.

This isn’t the first time the light’s turned on by itself overnight.  The first time it happened, my mother swore some sort of spirit or ghost or something turned it on.  This time, she simply dismissed it as my cat having clambered up my piano and touched it.  However, my kitty doesn’t climb up on my piano (or at least I haven’t seen her do it) and for her to specifically touch the bulb… I don’t really buy it.  I also wondered whether or not she could even turn the lamp on with her paws so I experimented and made her touch it and yeah, it worked so I suppose it is still possible.  I’m still doubtful though.

That night, as I tried to go back to sleep, thinking that there might be some sort of spirit in our living room, I eventually came up with an idea for a short film about a ghost trying to play the piano but being unable to open the lid of the piano.  There are some other details as well that I’ve thought of and I wrote it all down but it’s still in the works.  It would be really simple to make though, and I’m excited about the possibility of actually turning it into film, especially since it only involves one room and very few characters, all set at night (which might be hard…), etc.  We shall see.

When I looked back on it, I guess I found it a little surprising I was able to take away something like an idea for a short film at 5 in the morning just by seeing that the lamp on my piano was turned on.  Inspiration is out there!  You just gotta look for it.

My piano