The Swan — Camille Saint-Saëns, Godowsky version

6 11 2012

I first heard this version of The Swan in the Chinese film, Secret, and thought it was just a specially arranged version of the piece by Jay Chou.  The version of The Swan in the Secret piano songbook is much simpler and not that version, so I naturally dismissed any sort of hope finding that version (and transcribing it or learning it by ear would take too long as it’s complicated).

Last week, I somehow stumbled across this Godowsky version of the piece, and lo and behold — it was the same version!  I’ve yet to obtain the sheet music for this version, but print off or find it somewhere and learn it.  It’s been a while since I learned to play anything new… I think this would be a fun one.

“Maple Leaf Rag” — Scott Joplin

19 03 2012

Ragtime!  One of the more underappreciated genres of music, I find.  I’m currently teaching myself perhaps the most well-known ragtime song for paino, Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag.”  I’ve got down the first page, and boy, is it fun to play.  🙂

When Love’s Gone Away (Scott’s Theme)

15 02 2012

I realized I actually haven’t posted any of my instrumental pieces on my blog, probably because they don’t involve any sort of words, but I could still talk about them.  Which I will!  Starting with this one.

This was written many years ago.  I had just broken up with my first “boyfriend”– I say “boyfriend” because we never physically met, but had been exchanging messages and IM’ing online for quite some time.  After about 2 and a half weeks or something, I had a feeling of insecurity, wondered if he really was who he was.  Instead of showing me who he was, he broke things off, citing that if I wasn’t comfortable with us being together then we shouldn’t be together.  Of course, I was sad and distraught, since I all I wanted was for him to prove to me he still liked me.  I ended up writing this instrumental piece for him, originally called “For a Friend”, then re-titled it because I didn’t feel like it was quite right.  At the same time, Vanessa Carlton just started performing her song “Fools Like Me” live (long before the studio version was ever released), and a lyric in the song, it’s all in the little ways one reveals their love’s gone away/love’s gone away really made me sad.

I’m still constantly reminded that love can go away, that even if I’m in love, it doesn’t mean the other person feels the same.  Everything comes and goes.

It’s been a while since I’ve played this one, but I think I should learn it again.

“Look For the Silver Lining” — Chet Baker

12 06 2011

For some reason, I haven’t posted anything from the great Chet Baker yet, so it’s due time I finally get to it.  I’m a super, crazy fan for his music, particularly when he sings; I remember the first time I heard it I was so in awe and blown away from his impeccable, smooth, brilliant tone that I was speechless.  And his trumpet skills are pretty amazing and smooth as well.

I have a CD of songs that Chet sings and it’s honestly one of my favourite albums I have.  To pick a song from there, is really hard, but I have a friend who’s a little sad from life and is staying put on his couch for the next week or two… or three, I’m not sure, and I saw him yesterday.  He’s doing alright and he seems to be fine, but I can see that there’s an air of sadness to his voice and it makes me sad because he’s usually talkative and bubbly.  So this post is dedicated to my friend in the hopes that he doesn’t stay couch-ridden and sad for much longer.

Le Tombeau de Couperin — Maurice Ravel

2 10 2010

Studying music and listening to it are two totally different things.  I could tell you about Beethoven’s life, his style of music, and how important his works were but have I listened to a lot of his stuff?  Psh, no.  The same goes for almost all the composers I studied while learning music history back when I was taking piano lessons.  Mozart, Haydn, Cage — all those guys.  It was only earlier this year when I met a guy online who lived in Texas who played oboe in an orchestra who sent me a link to a concert where they played this piece: Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin.  He was so awesome he had a solo in it, and man, I was impressed.

Unfortunately, it’s not on youtube so I’m not able to link it but!  I found a fantastic piano version of it, played by Rubenstein, who, I’m not gonna lie, I know nothing about except that he has some pretty good renditions of Classical pieces.


Little Puppet’s Waltz

22 02 2010

Sometimes music can be more expressive than words.  As you may know by now, I also write music as well as poems and songs.  The first piece of music I ever composed was back in high school, during my last year.  I was so into my composition, I tried to transcribe it since it was fairly easy.  Eventually, I did, and it’s the only piece I’ve transcribed onto paper without using notation software.  If you’re so utterly impressed with my work of art and would like a copy of the sheet music, just drop a comment with your e-mail and I’ll send it your way.