Super sick sleep

6 02 2015

I may have said this before, but one of the upsides to being sick is that you’re so fatigued that it’s easier to sleep. Usually.

I wish I could just get sick for a night when I have insomnia.

Old Man

24 10 2014

Was planning on going out to a work party tonight but then I felt so tired I took a nap… that lasted a while. By the time I tried to will myself to get up — which took more time, especially after I fell asleep again — it was almost 9pm, and I didn’t feel like going anymore. Besides, I was so comfortable on the couch, my cat sitting nearby — how could I go out? I probably should’ve just gone to bed at 7pm like the old man that I am.

Falling asleep at work

28 08 2014

Is that a sign that I shouldn’t be working and should be sleeping instead?

Waiting to fall asleep

23 03 2014

Last night was potentially the longest I’ve been awake, waiting to fall asleep. Went to bed just before 9:30 and fell asleep sometime after 1am. I know the best procedure if you can’t fall asleep after 45 minutes is to read something, but I have such a lazy and stubborn mentality that I convince myself I’m close to falling asleep so I shouldn’t bother. I fool myself every time.

I seethe with jealousy at those, like my mom, who can fall asleep seemingly in minutes. Or my cat.

Sleep vs. writing

20 11 2013

I wish I could choose sleep. Normally I would. But deadlines make me choose writing. So now I will be dead tomorrow. Yay.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

20 06 2013

IMG_1760The latest book I had a hookup with.

Three days!

17 03 2013

Wow, I haven’t posted in three days.  It’s probably because I went into hibernation to catch up on my lost hours of sleep.  And now I have nothing worthwhile to write about.  Go figure.

Alcohol makes me sleepy

21 12 2012

All of those sleepless night — I should’ve just been drinking vodka.  Better than any sleeping pill or book.

Waking up in the middle of the night to a cow

9 05 2012

Last night, I woke up to see Panda, a black and white kitty, strolling past me on my bed on the floor.  She looked oddly more like a cow than she usually did.  “That’s weird,” I thought.  Suddenly, I realized it wasn’t Panda.  It was Fat One, a brown kitty, dressed up in a cow costume, walking past me in the middle of the night.

Sleeping with a Stranger

12 01 2011

Sleeping with a Stranger

Perhaps when I was around 7, 8 or possibly 9 years old, for reasons I do not recall, my family was not in the house for a few days.  They must have gone on a mini-vacation or something and I was either sick or didn’t want to go.  Whatever the reason, I found myself alone.  Except there was a stranger in the house as well: my father.

I had never been close to my father and currently have very few memories of him and I together, even fewer of them are good memories.  When my mother and my sisters left, because I would be sleeping alone, he told me that on the last day, I could come upstairs and spend the night with him in bed.  Naturally, I thought this to be a strange idea; I had never slept with my dad (or at least had no recollection of it) and he didn’t seem particularly lonely.  I didn’t even know if he was serious or not. I don’t even remember if my parents were, at the time, still sleeping in the same bed, but I doubt it.

For a few days, we minded our own business.  I probably didn’t see much of him, as usual, and the house must have been oddly quiet.  On the last day, I wandered up to his room with my pillow.  After a few minutes of getting ourselves ready for bed, I climbed in first, feeling awkward.  He turned off the light and crawled in next to me.

And for a while, neither of us moved.  I lay staring at the ceiling before closing my eyes but I couldn’t sleep on my back.  But as much as I wanted to move, I found myself paralyzed.  What if my dad didn’t like that?  What if he got annoyed at my moving?  Wouldn’t I be bothering him trying to sleep?  Eventually, I froze in that position for a long time, on the edge of the bed, until I willed myself to move quickly on my side when I sensed him moving at the same time, so that I wouldn’t be disturbing him.

I would repeat this maneouver several times that night, being extra careful not to wake the stranger sleeping next to me.