Skipping My Life

7 08 2010

More crappy poetry from high school.

Skipping My Life

Every day
Skipping along my life
like a broken record beyond repair
Somehow, the alarm isn’t sounding
I can’t seem to wake up
from this false dream
played like a record
Looping around and around

Every day
Skipping, it seems with no definite end
forever entranced by everything, except
Going around in circles
When will it stop?
Will it stop?
Not reality, that’s for sure
Life is like a broken record, repeating, repeating
Everything’s the same, it never seems to

Every day
More and more I must adjust
to this disgust
of identical events:
neverending, but not like the story
It’s reality.
Reality that is actually a dream
A dream that I can’t wake up from
A record that I can’t fix
My life that is skipping
Every day, ’til eternity.