Sister sister

29 06 2012

Had a few short dreams involving my sister last night (no, there was no incest).

In all the dreams, I was in my old, childhood house.  In the first one, there was a typhoon or a tropical storm or something coming.  Rain was pelting down on the roof, coming in through the cracks of our crumbling house.  I ran upstairs to get my sister.  She was in the shower in her bedroom (there was no shower in her bedroom in real life), and I opened the door and shouted at her to hurry up and get downstairs.  Although I evaded my eyes so I didn’t look at her, I caught a glimpse of her in the shower and saw that she was wearing a yellow, rubber rain poncho, as the water cascaded from both the showerhead and the rain in the sky.

In the second dream, my sister was sitting on the green couch in our living room.  She was laughing, and her mouth was full of blood, and some teeth were missing.

The last dream was the most lucid.  I was yet again in the living room with my sister on the couch.  I walked over to her, and I felt like I had a scarf tied on tightly.  She gestured to my neck.  I pulled at my neck, and pried apart two pairs of hands on my neck, which had been wrapped around my neck (creepy!).  As I leaned down to her, one pair of the hands covered her nose and mouth, while the other covered mine.  Seeing how we’d both suffocate, I pulled the one hand covering her nose down to her mouth, freeing her nose.  Then, I moved the hand covering my mouth to my nose.  I strangely believed that we would somehow be able to have a functioning respiratory system since we both had a nose and a mouth free to breathe.  Without exchanging words this entire time, we tried to inhale and exhale, but it didn’t work, and we laughed a bit.

At this point, I realized I was dreaming and decided that this dream was getting to weird for me (this might have happened in the previous dream.  I can’t exactly recall).  I told myself to wake up and began slapping myself repeatedly while trying to run away from my sister, who I thought would get me or something.  However, as in all my dreams, I run as if running on molasses — super slowly.  So there I was, trying to get away from her while hitting my face.  At that point, I wondered if I was, in reality, slapping my own face in my bedroom, and thought that would be a funny sight.  As I turned around to see if my sister was going to chase me (she was just writhing on the couch), I jumped up off the porch of my house and into the air.

I woke up, not hitting myself (disappointingly), but in a hot sweat, evidence that I was having a bad dream.

Dream 12

8 06 2011

Sept. 5, 2005

I was with Maggie and some other girls and we were walking to the PNE.  They went into a few stores as well (on the way there).  At one point, we all split up with someone else and I got paired up with Maggie.  She told me that she was sorry for everything.  She said, “I/it was sad.  Just sad… that’s all.”  She kept mentioning that she was sad about it and that she forgave me.  She even took my water bottle and put it in her bag.  I was sooo relieved it was all over and that I could finally play computer.  What a shame it was only a dream though.

[My commentary: I realize how vague this dream is and what I was probably afraid to write what the dream was about (but I still understand what I meant, 6 years later).  Nonetheless, I’m still not telling…]