Crap. It’s Christmas Eve-Eve already.

23 12 2014

I didn’t even realize it either. And I still have a few more things to get.

Also, what’s the deal with Foxcatcher being not that great? No one told me this, but it’s suuuuuper sloooooowwww. Definitely won’t be on my year-end list of best movies this year. Which I’m excited to write soon!

I hate watches

17 11 2014

Looking for one, I mean. There are so many to choose from, and they always break so you gotta find one with a decent warranty. And to make matters even more complicated, I’m looking for the most environmentally friendly watch available, which is few and far between. I found some that look fine, but then there’s shipping and import charges and arggghhh. It’s times like these that I have to remind myself there are people in the world who have bigger problems than me, like those dying from malnutrition. Suddenly, I feel like an asshole. Thanks a lot, me.