From outline to pilot

8 11 2012

Got the go-ahead to proceed from beat sheet outline of my original TV pilot to draft.

I am excited.  Finally.

The scary thing is that now I actually believe my show could be on the air somewhere, sometime.  It’s a weird feeling.  I think I should get used to it because, quite frankly, my show is pretty awesome.


21 07 2010

Something I wrote when I was in Grade 11, I think.  Holy jeez, this is bad… enjoy!


As the snow falls,
I’m reminded that another year is almost over.
I sit by the window,
watching as each individual flake
falls outside.
The weatherman says it’ll snow quite
a bit
I think about winter,
about not having school,
but more importantly about the snow.
We are like snowflakes; each different
from all the rest, floating freely in
the air.  We land on the ground and
then poof!… we melt.  We’re dead.
To me, winter reminds me
that our time is almost done.