Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

21 07 2013

As enjoyable as the Scott Pilgrim comics are, I gotta thank the writers of the film adaptation for cutting a lot of stuff out and making it more dramatic, particularly during the fight with Lucas Lee. The pacing of the comics is surprisingly all over the place in this book, going from intense fighting with Lucas to sitting down and having a drink with him, to challenging him to the disappointingly anticlimactic skateboard rail thing.

Anyway, this is still pretty cool. Also, I like the pretty colours.

Also also, I think my body looks strange here.


Black Sheep

5 07 2013

For the past little while, I’ve been super into Scott Pilgrim, if only because I read the first of the series of graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley and loved it. I proceeded, naturally, to watch the movie again, and loved it even more than when I originally saw it. For some reason, the following day, with Scott Pilgrim still in my DVD player, I checked out the extras just for fun, watched the gag reel, and then was surprised that there were 4 different audio commentary tracks. One featured actors playing minor roles in the film: Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Keiran Culkin, and Mark Webber. Curious, I selected it, thinking I was only going to to watch/listen to about ten minutes and then pop in Jane Eyre because it would be due soon at the library. Ten minutes became twenty, and then thirty, fourty-five– you get where I’m going with this.

I couldn’t help it! It just sort of happened, and I couldn’t stop the movie because they were so funny… and since then, I’ve been listening to the awesome soundtrack, particularly the Sex Bob-omb songs and this one, ”Black Sheep”, sung by Brie Larson (in the film) and Metric. I shall be reading the rest of the series when they arrive at the library for me, but in the meantime, here’s a kickass song from a kickass film.

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 22: Movie you wish you could live in

5 07 2011

In case I don’t have enough time to post anything before I get home from work tonight, it was either living in Were the World Mine and turning everyone gay (though minus the homophobes) or more awesomely, living in the world of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.