You’re welcome

18 03 2014

Held the door for some girl today at school who was looking down at her phone as she walked through it. I said, “You’re welcome” and she looked up at me.

I think Ellen says it best (skip to 2:26 if the link doesn’t work):

Five weeks

3 03 2014

Five weeks left of school to go. Although I guess the last week doesn’t really count as a full week, since I only have two classes, so it’s more like four and a half weeks to go. Even closer! Argh!

(I had nothing new to say so that’s why)

Halfway done

14 02 2014

Halfway to go. You can do it. You can do it.

So sleepy

10 01 2014

Do I really feel this tired from two consecutive days of waking up at 8am? Really, body? You can’t handle a bit less sleep than you’ve been greedily getting during winter break?

Last assignment

6 12 2013

A 10-15 page assignment for my Intro to Motion Picture Directing class? Really? Ugh. Just let me be done with you already.


4 11 2013

When you have certain expectations for things and they don’t turn out as you thought they would, it kinda sucks.

Case in point: I wrote a proposal for a final project for one of my classes and I thought I had done a decent job. And even though I only got a B, which in itself is fine, I had a note that said, “Redo. Your questions don’t match up with your sources/methods”. I guess part of the reason I felt pretty bummed when I saw the mark and the comments was that I’m a Writing Tutor, so I should be getting A’s and such on things like this. Argh.

Whatever. I have other more important and fun things to write anyway.

So very tired

30 10 2013

Has anyone done any research into how university fucks up students’ sleep and the long-term effects? I’m getting more and more tired these days…

Halfway in, halfway out

16 10 2013

Halfway through the fall semester.

Five more 9pm Monday classes left (out of 10).

Two final projects left.

One more five-day weekend this semester.

Six and a half more months until the end of my undergrad degree.

Not soon enough.

Five-day weekend

10 10 2013

God knows I need it. And yet I still have so much stuff to do for school… seven more months. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. Seven more months until I’m done and I can go and do writerly things like get my memoir published and I’ll be super famous and muahahahahaha

But until then, five-day weekend. Hello, sleep. We meet again…

Unintentional nickname master

25 09 2013

Nicknames I came up with today for groups in my TV class:

A group working on a pilot that takes place in a retreat: “The Retreat-ers”

A group working on a pilot that concerns draft dodgers: “The Dodgers”

A group working on an untitled Political/Journalism pilot: “The Pournos” –> (except I didn’t end up telling them their nickname because I didn’t think they’d appreciate it and also because I’m not close enough with any of the group members to say that to them without making myself look like an idiot)