The Cross of Sins

27 08 2016

A little while back, I read Riddle of the Sands, thinking it was the first book of a series. I also read it thinking it was gonna be filled with sex. I was wrong about both of those things. It turned out to be a fun, fast-paced read, with some but little erotic moments. When I was done, I was hooked. I had to find out what this series was about.

Unfortunately, Riddle of the Sands was the only book in the series at the library, so I placed an interlibrary loan that made its way to me much quicker than I thought it would. The Cross of Sins, though not quite as thrilling as its sequel, was still an entertaining read. If I had read this first, honestly I’m not are I would’ve been interested enough to read the second book but I’m glad I did. There were also quite a number of spelling errors in the edition I borrowed. Tsk tsk.

Apparently there’s a book in the series that takes place in China. I hope there will be some hot sex with locals though I’m not at all holding my breath. In the meantime, here’s me at work again.



11 05 2014

Two books done in two days! Wow!

To be fair, this comic is a fairly short, easy read — but one that is unabashedly gay, romantic, and fun. And I love that. I will admit that I was more than self-conscious reading Artifice on the bus and while waiting for the bus with people around me because I had just gotten to the part where Jeff and Deacon are, um, intimate, and I was afraid people might be thinking I was looking at porn or yaoi or whatever. It also didn’t help that I got a little excited at those parts too… *blush blush*

That being said, after I finished the book, I got a bit obsessed with author Alex Woolfson’s other comic, The Young Protectors. I discovered there was even a Kickstarter campaign last year for that comic, and kicked myself for not having heard of the project and contributing something (especially to get those romance trading cards and NSFW prints, my my). In less than a day, have now read everything and caught up to the end of TYP which I think is pretty good and should count for 2-ish books read in two days, but whatever.

I don’t think I’ve posed with this underwear yet. I took another closer shot to show how part of it is fishnet, which I think is cool. Also it’s super soft.

Looking forward to obsessively checking for the next Young Protectors page!




16 02 2014

Check out my short film I made for a photography course I took a few years back!

The Notebook

23 07 2013

Not as good as I thought, nor as bad. Meh.

I did laugh out loud at the giant swelling of strings when Allie predictably chose Noah though. That was fun.

Where You Are

20 07 2013

So this is probably my favourite read so far this year, and definitely my favourite gay teen novel this year. What makes this novel so good? Well, the teacher-student premise could have been a porn-y, cliché fantasy, but surprisingly (and thankfully), it wasn’t. What I liked best, aside from the wonderful, well-rounded characters which I mentioned a few posts ago, is that Andrew’s inevitable decision to give in to Robert is delayed over and over again instead of happening at the first instance the two characters are alone. I found this to not only give Andrew more humanity (and made me respect and care about what happened to him), but when they did finally get together, it made things that much sweeter– I was cheering! I really appreciated that decision by author J.H. Trumble, whose writing is simple and clear, with sweet, humorous moments dispersed throughout. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: some genuinely surprising twists too. So much to be pleasantly surprised at!

That being said, all my praise for this very touching, poignant story doesn’t mean that I found it to be a flawless read. There were minor things that I wondered about, such as what happened to Stephen after the whole mess was uncovered? I know it’s not important because the story is centered around Andrew and Robert, but I did feel like if he was punished somehow, that I damn well wanted to read what kind of trouble that brat (and his ignorant father) got. Although I loved Andrew and Robert as characters, I found some of the other minor characters to be a bit flat. Aunt Olivia and Whitney came across as the evil twins, and there were times I was confused who was who and who was saying what mean thing; Luke is a fascinating character– a gay friend who is genuinely a friend and has no ulterior motives! Wow!–but he only appears briefly as simple friend archetype. This isn’t to say that all minor characters need to be developed (though that certainly would be impressive). Another fantastic gay teen novel is Bill Konigsberg’s Out of the Pocket, which is about a closeted football player. The other players on the team are minor, supporting characters to the protagonist’s story, yet they are described so distinctly and vividly, either through what they look like or through their dialogue/slang, that they became real three-dimensional people, just like the protagonist. They aren’t featured nearly as heavily as him, but when they are, I have a really clear picture of their personality and what they look like.  It’s a really tough thing to do, to create three-dimensional characters that feel real, but when it happens, it can really elevate a story to make it feel more like reality.

I also found myself, while reading, completely visualizing this all happening as a movie. Man, what a great movie this would make! I can see it as a good, indie movie, with some handsome actors who know how to act. In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to reading Don’t Let Me Go now, after this engaging read with characters I still think about. By then, I’ll have raised my expectations for what I’m sure will be another enjoyable story.

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Romance tips for guys

4 07 2013

Listen to Nick Offerman because you know he`s right.

Dance movies — The Red Shoes and Pina

15 06 2013

Watched The Red Shoes (1948) last night and thought it was amazing. Just loved it. One of my new favourite films. And then, I watched Pina (2011) and thought… am I missing something? Or do I just not ”get” it? I mean, I know I may not understand modern dance, but it would’ve been helpful if I knew what the dance pieces meant– for the dancers, for Wenders, for Pina– so that the wonderfully staged dance sequences are more accessible to everyone, not simply dance fanatics.

So yeah. Check out The Red Shoes because it’s damn awesome.

Cure(d) — gay short film

11 04 2013

Hello, everyone! Here’s another short film I made a few years back called Cure(d). Hopefully it can be as popular as Stay! (which I still can’t believe)

Share it around! Leave comments! Like the film!

Little pieces of your soul

10 04 2013

I got lost the Internet last night and somehow came to this, one of my favourite scenes in The Holiday, partly because it’s, sadly, all too relatable and heartbreaking when delivered so well by Ms. Winslet.

(jump to 3:49)

My Last Round (Mi ultimo round)

25 08 2012

Synopsis: a closeted, retired boxing champ and his partner come across difficulties when moving to a new city and starting a new life together.

Super awesome things: a gay boxer!  In South America!  Awesome!

One of the best things about this slow, observant film is that the gayness presented from the protagonist doesn’t feel like the crutch of the film.  Rather, it is merely a part of his identitiy.  He just happens to be a gay boxer who loves a man.  I like the the film tackles the macho world of boxing too.  Although I don’t really like boxing or violent sports, I understood how it can be someone’s passion.  It’s also particularly interesting how Octavio, the boxer, goes after the more effeminate man (who looks like the Latino version of Rufus Wainwright, I swear), as we constantly see the other way around in movies.  Despite nabbing a boyfriend, Octavio doesn’t seem super-in love with him.  As the film progresses, however, and Hugo has a kiss with the obligatory evil straight woman, Jenny, there’s a sense that even though Octavio isn’t affectionate, he’s still loyal and wouldn’t cheat on Hugo.  I think his character is one of the deeper characters at the Queer Film Fest this year, and it was cool to see him on screen, played exceptionally well by the actor.

Not so awesome things:  Sigh.

Why, ending, why??

It doesn’t feel like an ending, and certainly for Hugo, it’s a double whammy of deaths.  I suppose it’s a slight twist on the convention of the macho gay guy getting involved with another woman and ruining things between the two men by having Hugo be the cheater, but why must women always be a source of conflict in gay films?  Why must gay menin movies be torn apart by such negative portrayals of women?  At the very least, Hugo knows what he’s done is wrong and doesn’t pursue Jenny after their awkward kiss.  I just wished there was a better, happier ending, where gay men would actually solve their problems instead of being killed off.  Dying is not a solution, people.

Good for watching: if you’re feeling down.

Overall: nicely made, slightly unconventional save for the unfortunate ending.

Grade: B