“The Luckiest” — Ben Folds

26 08 2010

It’s just one of those days where you wake up thinking of a song and have to listen to it.  In my case, I started listening to Ben Folds’ “Landed” and then reluctantly started to listen to “The Luckiest” before just getting up and playing and singing it on the piano.  Since no one really reads this blog, I don’t feel so weird typing this out: I serenaded my then-boyfriend with this song way back when, and now it reminds me of him and how ironic the title is now.  I was far from being the luckiest but I thought I was at the time.  Sigh.

I’m not a very lucky person, I’ve found.  But I’m lucky enough to have a group of close friends and to be able to play piano and express myself through writing and music.

Maybe that’s all I need.