Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1 06 2016

I’ve had this book for a while and hadn’t had a chance to read it but it was surprisingly short so I decided to finally knock it off my list.

About the book: it was great. What can I say? Although I was also surprised at the lack of deaths. Modern day adaptations present Mr. Hyde as some sort of serial killer when in fact he murders only one person in the story. I suppose at the time it must’ve come off as more horrifying relative to our standards, but it was interesting to note how this character’s depictions have changed over the years.

And yes, that is a discarded library book I bought at my local library’s book sale, which I always find underrated. Also libraries in general. Or reading. Any sort of literacy, really. (I’m lowering the bar further and further…)

I also realized just now that I did the picture wrong. Oh well. No one looks at the book anyway.