Prodigal Boy

26 07 2010

And now to counter the crappy poems I wrote before with something more recent and much better.

Prodigal Boy

Who was the boy
that simply blinked away loneliness
with eyes gleaming like stars? Orion would be jealous.
Red lights he’d obey
A rare breed of clever young man.

Who was the boy
that waited for love?
Patient as a star-gazer
Only to have love come and leave a crater in his mind
spawning a darkness within him
a planet on a wobbly orbit.

Who is the man
That walks away from a foreign doorstep?
Gagging on the stench of yet another man’s body on his skin
He gets so close to the shore as the tides of lust drag him back into the murky ocean
Guilt creating confusion and white noise, static in his head
while he scrambles frantically to tune into a familiar channel.

Who was that boy and
when will he return?
The man begs to know when resilience will save him.