30 05 2014

Sorted through three big bags worth of styrofoam that my family and I (mostly me) have been saving for a long time today. I know it’s an accumulation of many months, maybe about one or two years’ worth of styrofoam, but it really did make me think about the amount of waste we produce that ultimately ends up in the landfill — waste that can be diverted or replaced for more sustainable options. I mean, how many take-out containers are styrofoam? Is that really necessary? There are biodegradable containers available, and yet many restaurants still use hard-to-recycle styrofoam instead (it’s probably less expensive, right?). The other thing I noticed is that a lot of styrofoam we have surprisingly comes from other kinds of product packaging — fruits, noodles, meats. I remember watching a news report about a grocery store in Vancouver that tries to eliminate waste in their packaging, plastic and styrofoam, mostly, and I thought it was a great idea. I wish we had more places like that around.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to settle for hoarding my stupid styrofoam until the next trip to the Burnaby Waste Depot.




8 05 2013

This is one of the most useful little things I’ve used — and it’s based in BC (nothing is ever based in BC).

If you’re looking where you can recycle anything from plastics (#1-7), to paint, to furniture, to clothing (new or used), you gotta use the Recyclepedia. Use the scroll down menus to find what you’re looking to recycle and where you live, and recyclepedia will offer a list of places around the area where the item can be recycled. Super awesome and easy!

What’s more, you can download the app to your phone and throw stuff out on the go! (in case, you know, you have a random sofa you no longer use and carry around all the time)

Recycling mattresses and furniture in Vancouver

15 10 2012

A friend of mine told me about how he recycled three old couches today on Annacis Island.  So I did some research and there’s a little company called the Canadian Mattress Recycling that is dedicated to safely getting rid of old furniture or mattresses and other things, such as metal.  There is a small fee, but really, it’s better than couches sitting in a landfill.

Check it out!