“Get Good” — Vanessa Carlton

18 03 2011

It’s been a while since I posted something in the Music category, mainly because I wanted to concentrate on writing other things more, but lately, I haven’t been very inspired to write anything awesome, but I figured I might as well post something now since it appears as if I have something to say!

Anyone who even remotely knows me knows that I adore Vanessa Carlton and anything she does.  Unfortunately, most people only know her by “A Thousand Miles” which was almost 10 years ago now (wow…) but she has much better songs!  Really!  Vanessa’s planning to release her 4th album titled Rabbits on the Run this June on the 21st and she’s played some new songs off the record.  Like a true fan, I love all her new material but one in particular is affecting.

According to Carlton, “Get Good” was written for a friend of her’s who was going through a tough time in her life with a divorce.  I find the lyrics to be really deep and oddly healing.  I’ve listened to this song when I’m feeling emotional and it somehow manages to calm me down, to bring me back down and to think somewhat rationally again.  And such is the power of music.

The clip I’ve linked to is the premier of the song and Vanessa explains a bit about the song before playing it (to just hear the song, skip to 1:59)  And surprise!  There’s no piano in the song!  (or at least the live, here)  Enjoy!

Skipping My Life

7 08 2010

More crappy poetry from high school.

Skipping My Life

Every day
Skipping along my life
like a broken record beyond repair
Somehow, the alarm isn’t sounding
I can’t seem to wake up
from this false dream
played like a record
Looping around and around

Every day
Skipping, it seems with no definite end
forever entranced by everything, except
Going around in circles
When will it stop?
Will it stop?
Not reality, that’s for sure
Life is like a broken record, repeating, repeating
Everything’s the same, it never seems to

Every day
More and more I must adjust
to this disgust
of identical events:
neverending, but not like the story
It’s reality.
Reality that is actually a dream
A dream that I can’t wake up from
A record that I can’t fix
My life that is skipping
Every day, ’til eternity.