Mozart vs. Skrillex

9 11 2013

I just discovered this awesome web series earlier this week. This one is my favourite.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30: Your favourite song at this time last year

9 05 2011

Aside from keeping a journal, how is anyone supposed to know?  A year is a long time, and though I have a good memory, my favourite song from last year isn’t something that I particularly keep track of.  So I turned to youtube and looked through my favourites, trying to figure out when I have favourited some music last year and this song seems about right.

I like Keane, and I can stand K’naan and I think this duet between the two work quite well.  I may not like the direction Keane’s gone since their second album but meh.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 2: Your least favourite song

11 04 2011

Choices, choices… it was a toss-up again between this or Hilary Duff and since this song is more current and both the artists (well, “artists”) are still popular while Ms. Duff has faded away from the spotlight, I reasoned this one should be less liked.

I’ve never liked Rihanna.  In fact, my sister once asked me what I thought about her and I responded, “I think she is one of the worst artists to ever come out of the 2000s.”  It might sound harsh but frankly, all she sings about is vacuous things.  Sure, she may be entertaining to some people, much like Britney Spears, that she may be a shitty singer but hey, she can dance and sing songs that make people grind themselves up against others in a dark, sweat-smelling club and maybe I’m more serious about music but I feel like that kind of music is too shallow for my tastes.  Music is an opportunity to really bring to light real topics and issues in the world, and singing about being the only girl in the world is not one of them. Grrrrr!

As for Eminem, well, he always sounds so angry in his songs, and I don’t like to be yelled at, especially in song.  Oh, and his homophobia is kind of a turn-off too.