Day of Purple to End Homophobic Bullying — conversation with a police officer

20 10 2011

I am staring at my candle, entranced by its pretty flame when I hear a man’s British accent beside me.

Cop: “So I just wanna know… what is this vigil for?”

Me: “It’s the Purple Shirt Day.  To end homophobia and bullying.”

Cop: “Okay.  And the vigil…”

Me:  “It’s to remember those who took their lives because of homophobic bullying in schools.”

Cop:  “Oh, so, like, hate crimes and shit?”

Me: “Uh… yeah…?” [confusion over why he’s talking about hate crimes all of a sudden]

Cop:  “Okay.  Thanks.”

Me:  “No prob.”

He walks away.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to feel anything when he said “hate crimes and shit” and I don’t think he meant it offensively.  I do think, especially for a law enforcer, that it wasn’t the best choice of words to use, especially at a vigil, but at the same time, I’m not flabberghasted or anything.

What do you think?