Rejection dream

25 07 2015

Had a dream the other night where I received a letter from a publishing house I had sent my book proposal to a couple months ago. The letter was terribly scrawled; it looked like some third-grader had written it. I tried my best to decipher what it said, and the gist of it was that they had passed, saying my proposal/book was “exaggerated.”

This past week I’ve been anxious about receiving anything from from the actual publishing company I sent my proposal to. I check the mailbox every day, dreading to see the self-addressed stamped envelope I included in my proposal, while also being paranoid that the longer it takes, the more the answer is no. I also wonder whether or not they even received my proposal and am further paranoid they never did. Basically a lot of anxiety and paranoia. Between games of Age of Empires.

Wish me luck

10 02 2015

Sent off my book proposal today to a literary agency. Also today, got yet another rejection from a literary mag. I really go wonder if so much rejection means my work is shitty and not good enough to be book. Fingers crossed though.


4 11 2013

When you have certain expectations for things and they don’t turn out as you thought they would, it kinda sucks.

Case in point: I wrote a proposal for a final project for one of my classes and I thought I had done a decent job. And even though I only got a B, which in itself is fine, I had a note that said, “Redo. Your questions don’t match up with your sources/methods”. I guess part of the reason I felt pretty bummed when I saw the mark and the comments was that I’m a Writing Tutor, so I should be getting A’s and such on things like this. Argh.

Whatever. I have other more important and fun things to write anyway.